The Shield to be in a MITB match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jun 25, 2013.

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  2. Rollins could work all night so I'm not concerned about that just don't give any of the case.
  3. Why not?

  4. I have no desire to see any of them as World Champions at this time.
  5. Can hold the briefcase for a year though. What about then?
  6. The Shield's eventual breakup over the WHC would be great IMO. As Crayo says, it doesn't have to be an immediate cash in - they could easy do similar to Ziggler.

    Anyway, winners or not, they should definitely be in it, Rollins's bumps would be great.
  7. The Shield helping Ambrose to get the briefcase. Then they start arguing because the three of them want the shot. Breakup, Ambrose cashes in and we have a triple threat match at WM Anyone?

  8. Still not interested.

    Ambrose / Reigns wrestling for a world title isn't interesting at all to me yet and Rollins doesn't have the mic ability to pull it off.

  9. Why would you want to overshadow the World Title for The Shield breakup?
  10. Why not? The Shield are big time players in WWE right now. There aren't many on the SmackDown roster right now who demand the briefcase. There are a couple like Barrett and Rhodes that could do well with it, but they're not pushing the boundaries of WWE right now like Bryan is, so a world title reign with Shield would be completely fine imo.
  11. I assume Rollins and Reigns will defend the titles against The Usos at MITB and Ambrose (being the closest thing to a leader of the group, hence the singles title) could enter into the ladder match by himself. What would be the point of all three guys entering into the match? That's basically admitting that they're competing with one another, which doesn't seem to fit into their gimmick at all. Even if they enter into it in a "As long as one of us gets the briefcase..." way, what happens in the hypothetical scenario that everyone else is cleared while just the three of them remain? (Same logic with them not entering into the Rumble match earlier this year.) With just Ambrose alone, I can see it making sense and I can see him winning the briefcase, actually.

    I speculated awhile ago that Ambrose's ego could end up playing the biggest role in the demise of The Shield.
  12. I'd prefer them to actually run a couple of programs with the mid card belts they have and thus making those titles more important before they start sniffing at a world title by getting the briefcase. They have a golden opportunity to raise the status of the US belt and the tag belts, the US belt more than the big bronze ones considering the reign Hell No went on.
  13. This MITB match could be the first signs of division in The Shield, which'll suck so I wish they weren't in the match
  14. Well, there aren't really many people for the WHC MITB so why not? Interesting booking could come out of it.
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