The Shield VS The Wyatt Family - Yes?, No? Maybe?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. What are your thoughts on the above idea? Will it ever happen? Can it happen? Would you like to *see* it happen? If so, at what event?
  2. I think it may happen eventually. I see Triple H and Stephanie eventually fucking over The Shield. I don't think it'll be immediately, but Trips did sort of throw them under the bus a bit on Monday in his promo. There will be a point where they turn babyface and pop the crowd with a big powerbomb on Trips.

    Then... oh yes .... I would love Wyatt Family vs The Shield all day long.

  3. I like the idea of them turning face and triple powerbombing Trips, but they would need a better built stable to fight against, since the Wyatts usually just have Rowan and Harper. Bray wyatt doesn't seem to actually wrestle that often.
  4. I don't understand that. Wyatt just destroyed Kane. He's pretty well built. He doesn't need to wrestle all the time to be perceived as a threat. Undertaker only wrestles once a year. It's all about aura. The pop they get when they come out with the lantern and the wannabe Nirvana music says it all.

    PS, I dig the Kaitlyn gif. Her spear is awesome.
  5. No, not now, do it some time next year if The Shield are still together. The Wyatt Family would probably turn face for this feud though.
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  6. Not sure how their gimmicks mesh. Still, would only do that if Shield turned face or something, and it isn't likely for me.
  7. Two overrated groups no I dont wanna see this
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  8. One of them would have to turn is the problem. Would be great to see face Rollins and Reigns vs Harper and Rowan, sadly that's the best we can ask for.
    (Come on, we can't seriously expect Ambrose to be part of a face turn, can we?)
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  10. Maybe, just maybe.
  11. No way the Wyatts would ever turn face, especially not for this feud. It wouldn't take much for The Shield to go baby face since a lot of people don't even boo them anyway, and it's much easier to cheer a group of renegade baby faces than it is a few twisted backwoods freaks like the Wyatts.

    I think I typed up this dream segment before but I'll do it again because I would mark at the sight of it:

    There's a segment I'd love to happen between The Shield and the Wyatt Family and that's the latter getting the better of the former by using their cleverness and cunning ways to defeat the brute force of The Shield. (Brains > Brawn.) The Shield are giving a promo and then suddenly the lights go out and when they come back on, Roman Reigns is already lying face first on the mat unconscious. Rowan and Harper then out brawl Ambrose and Rollins and perhaps do a little more damage on a recovering Roman Reigns as well. Wyatt then comes in and puts his own finishing touches on The Shield members and says his piece and that's it.

    Wyatt sitting back in his chair and watching his two guys dismantle all three Shield members by outsmarting them really displays the difference in attack between the two groups - The Shield are more about outnumbering you and putting you down with brute force, and the Wyatts are a little more about being ingenious in their attacks (i.e using the dark to their advantage, going after the biggest guy first, the usual sneak attack from behind etc.) Plus, someone interrupting and putting The Shield down for a change feels a lot like karma to me.

    If The Shield really are being slowly built towards a face turn (I'm not convinced but pretend they are), then Rowan and Harper could even be the guys to win the tag team straps from Rollins and Reigns.
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  12. I'm with you 1,000%
  13. A note to the DERRR SUCH AND SUCH GROUP WON'T TURN FACE crowd.... all heels eventually turn face if they're good heels. It's the way of the business. Learn to love it.
  14. I'd say no for now because it seems that feud would be awkward with the way things are, atm.

  15. Disagree.... the Wyatts definitely have face potential.... if you'd have told me in 1990-1991 that Undertaker had 'good guy' potential in him, I would have looked at you like you were insane...

    Times change and the Wyatts resonate with a lot of people for a variety of reasons... In fact, the Wyatt's don't strike me as pure heels because they do very little to threaten the viewing audience in an overly perverse way...

    That said... I see no way a SHield/Wyatt feud truly benefits either team...KLock had a point when he suggested the Shield never lose 3 on 3 matches

    I say keep them separated... except for the occasional staredown... the Wyatts have a true leader and two followers.... the Shield has three potential superstars in one group... cred becomes an issue because the Shield as a unit has too much cred to lose
  16. I don't think you'll see it too soon
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