The Shield vs The Wyatts

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Cloud, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. Now sometimes WWE gets things right and boy have they built to and hyped this match perfectly. It feels like a true clash of the titans, beast vs monster. This could be a huge huge match for WWE as its gonna cement both teams places in history if it plays out anywhere near as well as its been built.

    I cant wait an I cant be the only one. Thoughts?
  2. shit feud. shit match. shit thread
  3. Thanks.
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  4. :awyeah:
  5. Pretty sure everyone is pumped for this one, possibly more (or at least just as much) than they are for the Elimination Chamber match.

    Sorry to nitpick, but I still wish this were going down at Wrestlemania instead. Would feel even more epic happening on the grand stage.
  6. Terrific feud. Promising match. Awesome thread.


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  7. Yeah the WM thing is a shame but something is obviously going down with Reigns sooner rather than later it looks like.
  8. I usually don't disagree with @Lockard, but I'm going to here.

    I'm glad we're getting the Shield vs. the Wyatts at EC because I think it leads directly to the final break-up of the Shield with a match between Ambrose and Reigns (or a triple-threat between those two and Rollins) at Mania. So, I'm good with this happening now.

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  9. Watch Ambrose attack Reigns after he lets Bray get the pin, leading to a smooth win for the Wyatts. It will be a great way to end the feud with a near-certain MOTY candidate.
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  10. I don't know how they get there, but I definitely see either Ambrose attacking Reigns and beating him down before Rollins pulls him off (or something along those have to make Ambrose look strong enough to threaten Reigns at this point....his character's come to look too weak over the last month or least you have to if you're going that route) or I see Ambrose walking out on Rollins/Reigns, which allows the Wyatts to get the advantage and the win. It likely comes down to whether or not they want a match between all three Shield members (which I increasingly don't like for some reason) or a match just between Reigns and Ambrose (although, they've got six weeks between EC and Mania; they could have the three-way match on Raw in a couple of weeks and that match lead to a one-on-one feud/Mania match between Ambrose and Reigns).

  11. I actually see it this way, and to me it makes the most sense. They get ambrose first, and there will be a backstage segment to see who goes when. Ambrose will lose, and will hang around, before somehow costing rollins the win. They fight outside the cage, leaving Reigns in with all 3 members of the shield intact. It probably wont go this way, because Rowan isnt great at all, but Harper could very well pull it off.

    IDK how it happens, but Bray vs a busted down and beat up Reigns will make sense, they can have a beast match still, with Wyatt being 1 step ahead of him, maybe even playing him psychologically with the lights going out or a weapon of some sort being implimented. Reigns will look strong as hell, but Wyatt is the one getting the pin, that much I am certain of.

    I think that is the best part about it all, we know who is going to win. It's how it gets there that is going to be so damn great to watch.
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  12. Pulling for the Wyatt family in this one, as much as I love Roman Reigns & Rollins idk I'm a Harper guy a bit more!
    I think the match will be good, the feud is a little iffy but meh providing some entertainment with these promos not gonna lie.
  13. :notsure:

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  14. The faceoff last week was enough for me. IDGAF what happens until then, when they all stand across from each other as the 2nd team walks out, it will be so great.
  15. how you have nearly 4k posts with under 1k likes is so far beyond me man.
  16. I have a unique sense of humor. Not everybody appreciates it.

  17. Because it sucks :pity:

    you know ily
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  18. liked this post, but then rescinded it when I saw the baby text and ass sucking. booooooooooooo
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  19. It's had a great build up and it concerns two awesome stables- I have to be and am excited about this. Besides it's going to be infinitely better than the inevitable pile of crap that ADR and Batista will provide us with.
  20. I Believe In Dean Ambrose
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