The Shield weaponry

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. On the shield vignette thread I mentioned that I think Ambrose should be the one who takes Ryback out at TLC. I think he should have a signature weapon he uses when the ref's back is turned. Can't think of one good enough though. Any ideas what unique item he could use?
  2. Brass knuckles, would be cool imo. Imagine him laughing as he beats someone repeatedly with them. Either that or could it be a person with a sword like tattoo on his chest, they did say they'd bring the sword after all.
  3. I was thinking of something that could easily be concealed in their "uniform"


    Holy shit! I didn't even put two and two together on that one! :blown:
  4. Seabs you genius :mog:
  5. A staff. Watch Ambrose go Mortal Combat on Ryback and get a fatality.
  6. I spose you could tease tension between Brock and Heyman also prolonging the announcement that they're aligned with Punk.
  7. Yeah a Rolento-esque collapsible staff that he could use to whip Ryback into submission.
  8. That's it! Seth and Roman can chain Ryback down while Ambrose whips him!....oh wait that sounds like my Friday nights :hmm:
  9. As long as he chokes someone with it
  10. I'm sure there'd be plenty of choking, prodding, and whipping. :aries:
  11. Yeah, they did mention a sword. Curious to see what it is.
  12. It could just be a metaphor for anything. Shields and Swords go together after all.
  13. With all that damn body armor you'd think they'd already have a weapon. The should use stun guns, that'd be funny
  14. A taser would be hilarious.
  15. You mean being back the Mountie's cattle prod? LOL that thing was hilarious :dawg:
  16. Re: RE: The Shield weaponry

    Be ironic due to Goldberg connection to Ryback, Shield Wolfpack?
  17. If WWE isn't PG, I would have said a Stun Gun....
  18. Time for the Scott Hall stun gun to make a comeback. I also doubt WWE being PG would prohibit the stun gun from being used. And are people being serious with the sword stuff? Because swords are, you know, kinda sharp...
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