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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. So... with Seth Rollins' betrayal in the books what is next for the Shield? Do Reigns and Ambrose form a tag team? I think WWE is a little too high on Reigns for that to happen. Will they team up to take out Rollins? Is Ambrose the next Shield member to turn their back on Reigns? There are a lot of different paths to choose from.

    So my question is.... What is next for The Shield? Where would you take the story-line from here?

    Let's discuss.

  2. Why Rollins, WHY!? :why:

    But yeah, I have no idea. From the article I read I couldn't tell if he was siding with HHH or what.
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  4. You spiteful, bitch. :ksi:

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  5. Well, I guess they're still going to be feuding with HHH/Orton/Rollins for a while, as they should.
  6. I wonder if The Shield will get a new member?
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  7. This is something I want and don't want at the same time
  8. I understand that they most likely will... but as other have mentioned... will they get a new member, because 2 vs 3 ain't going to work.
  9. Hm. It may work! I don't think they should add anyone, and I'd be down for Ambrose and Reigns being outnumbered here somehow.
  10. That's the thing we all maybe need to think about who is someone that would fit in with the shield?

    Think they'll bring someone up from NXT?
  11. Someone mentioned Corey Graves during the LD last night... that could work. I really can't see anyone from the main roster working with them... although Cody Rhodes needs something to do now. Hmmmmm.....
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  12. I'd rather see Zayne come up TBH. Not a big Graves fan. I feel like he is trying too hard I guess.
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  13. I really don't want them to even attempt to shoehorn somebody into Seth's place.
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  14. Maybe it will just be Rollins and Orton vs Ambrose and Reigns? I think HHH needs to step back from competing TBH
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  15. Yeah, that could work... I'd actually like to see that.
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  16. This is one of the reasons why it could end badly, knowing how the shield was originally with the high flying abilities of Seth Rollins there would be no doubt they would try and replace Seth with another high flyer.
  17. Adrian Neville??? Nahhhhh
  18. I just get this feeling the HHH/Reigns feud will keep HHH involved somehow. Maybe not though.
  19. No, he's still got a bit of time in NXT before he comes up lol... needs to break Bo's record first.
  20. I don't want them to replace him with anybody at all. high-flying or not, the chemistry those three had was incredible and I highly doubt they'll come close to getting anywhere near that again.
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