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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheBestCup, Feb 14, 2014.

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  1. Where do you guys think the shield is going are they going to break up or keep going ?
  2. They'll lose to the Wyatts at the Elimination Chamber and it'll be a crushing loss for them but they'll still try and maintain composure. Shortly after, however, they'll split. The split will probably go down the next night since it's the night the Network launches and they'll want to make that Raw as big and significant as possible. I'm just wondering how it'll all unravel because the rivalry and tension is really between Reigns and Ambrose with Rollins kinda stuck in between as the middle man.

    I can see the match at EC going down like this - about halfway through, Rollins takes a nasty bump headfirst into the ring post and has to be carried out of the match, leaving only Ambrose and Reigns to fight the rest of the bout themselves. Then at the end, Ambtose gives up on it and walks out, leaving Reigns behind to be demolished by all three of the Wyatts. Fast forward to the next night, Reigns is angry as hell and wants to know where Ambrose is. Rollins tries to keep the peace and it might even look as if Ambrose and Reigns are both brought to an understanding with one another in the ring and both pretend (or at least Reigns 'pretends' while Ambrose shows a 'whatever' sort of apathy towards it) to have resolved their differences, but then to a huge pop, Reigns turns around and hits Ambrose with a huge spear instead. He walks away with a smirk (with the fans chanting his name, hopefully) while Rollins checks on Ambrose in the ring to see if he's alright. And this is officially the end of them as a three man group, (I have ideas on where to take it from here, but don't want to type too much at the moment.)
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  3. I have a feeling that Ambrose and Rollins will get buried in the inevitable split, which would suck. WWE need to think about how they can avoid this.

    I'd have a triple threat ladder match for the US title at WrestleMania. Reigns gets his 'WM moment' with an innovative spear to Ambrose off a ladder or something. Meanwhile, Rollins quietly climbs the ladder and takes the championship. As Rollins' role right now is the peacemaker, out of the spotlight, he can now go alone, with the title. Ambrose stays mad at Reigns, who is now full babyface by this point, blaming him for the group's split and his title loss, and a singles feud begins between the two. Reigns can go over in a hardcore gimmick match at ER, but Ambrose won't come out of it in a negative light because he's shown he can be a credible, upper midcard heel during the feud.
  4. They are definitely going to split and I believe, like @KLockard23 said, it well be on the 24th of February at RAW. Who knows how they will split but we know that it will be Ambrose and Reigns that will be the major culprits and Rollins will basically be a bystander when everything explodes.
  5. All good things must come to an end. :nope:
  6. Yeah...
  7. Okay I have very mixed feelings on this at the moment..
    On one hand I really hope they don't split up as a Stable, they are one of fast track as one of the greatest teams of all time.
    HOWEVER if they have to split up I really hope it's in the form of a Triple Threat US Title Match at WM 30.
  8. I have a sick feeling that Dean and Seth are going to be either sent back to nxt, be jobbers or future endeavored after they split, which would because I would really like to see all three stick around to have more success.
  9. I think when they split Dean and Seth should feud over the U.S. Title, with seth going over. Roman should beat them in a triple threat and move on to a bigger feud. That said even tho I only like Seth Rollins out of the group.
  10. They will probably split soon, just like Nexus did. It will probably happen after the match against the Wyatts, probably each member blaming the other for their loss, which would result in Reigns getting angry and spearing either Ambrose or Rollins! BOOM! After that, their rivalry will continue for a few weeks and then Reigns will get into a hunt for WWE World heavyweight championship while Rollins and Ambrose will get into a hunt for WWE tag team championship.


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