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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by martyjannetty39, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. I am not going to lie, I cheer for the heels. Well, basically I cheer against who the majority of fans cheer for. The Shield, somewhat like Stone Cold, go against the grain in that aspect. I was in favor of Evolution winning last Sundees match up, but I was very much impressed by The Shield's performance. Reigns ability to get beat in his back was nothing less than extraordinary(or psychotic). I love being put on the fence when it comes to a match because it makes me enjoy the match more rather than cheering for one side.

    I haven't watched as much wrestling in recent years. I have been trying, but work, family, as well as other interests get in the way of wrestling. I do watch a fair amount of old school events, namely the old big four PPV's. However, that match between the Sheild and Evolution, brought me back along way. I missed the whole PPV except for that match. Although I heard great things about the Wyatt v Cena match.

    I really hope this rivalry keeps going because it is very intriguing. The only thing is, eventually The Shield will break up. Maybe not anytime soon, but it will happen. Keep it going as long as you can.
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  2. Well, I'll agree that it was a pretty good match, and it's good that the Shield hasn't been ruined as a babyface unit yet, as it normally happens when heels turn these days, although I really don't see the point of continuing the rivalry. I mean, the Shield has already beaten them clean twice, and even in a clean sweep in an Elimination match, I don't think there are many places they can go with this from here.
  3. Understandable, however, the beating of Evolution clean does not hold much ground. If you want to go that route, you can say Evolution was not trying win that match. The announcers even commented on that. Generally two matches does not end a feud. I have also heard Flair may return which may extend this feud. I guess we will see though.
  4. Well, for now it's done. Batista just quit.
  5. Lol.....also as I am watching Raw. Why would The Shield comment on their clean sweep of Evolution? They are trying to start to another battle. You see no point, but looks like the writers of WWE do. Sorry, but ending feuds after a couple of matches is dumb when it comes to factions. Singles wrestling is another matter.
  6. Really damn, I missed that. That obviously hurts my argument. Big time
  7. Yeah, the Shield has also just disbanded with Seth Rollins turning on his buds and siding with HHH and Orton.
  8. Generally speaking, most feuds don't go past two big PPV matches, and that's not even counting the various singles matches that The Shield and Evolution have had against one another on Raw and Smackdown. Hell, most normal feuds don't even last past one PPV match. Even before Batista quit and Rollins turned on the other two, there was nowhere left for this feud to go.

    Also, how would an extra old Ric Flair returning have helped extend the feud any? We're not gonna see him back in the ring anytime soon... like, ever.
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  9. OP, watch The Shield vs. Wyatt Family from Elimination Chamber. It was ten times better than either Shield vs. Evolution match.
  10. The Shield had nowhere to go but down after Payback.
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