The Shield's role at the Royal Rumble

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  1. Y'know, cause there isn't already enough Shield related threads atm!

    Yeah what does everybody expect them to do in the Rumble? Will they be officially involved and dominate for a bit like nexus did? Or will they not officially be entered and sort out 'an injustice'?

  2. They will cost rock the match , saying that isn't fair that a part timer becomes WWE champ , and they will revealed some kind of relationship with heyman
  3. Eliminate a few entrants and then get eliminated by Ryback, as usual with stables at the Rumble.
  4. I doubt they'll enter the Rumble. They're supposed to be outsiders who are here to correct any 'injustice' they see, so I'm not sure if they'll even win titles, much less enter a battle royal where being victorious qualifies you for a world title shot. (To be exact to my point, I do think they might win titles eventually, but them entering the Rumble for a world title shot doesn't seem likely to me.) I'm sure they'll get involved to make sure Ryback or others get eliminated, though. I see them running in and trying to get rid of Ryback, only for him to toss them all out, but then someone else comes up behind Ryback and dumps him out, Ryback brawls with Shield to the back, etc.

    I hope he teams with Orton and Sheamus to fight them in a match at the Rumble. Wouldn't be as good as TLC, but it would make a pretty good card already (Rock/Punk, Rumble match, Show/Del Rio) look even more appealing.
  5. +1
  6. I don't feel that they're going to enter the rumble. In my opinion they're going to eliminate Ryback and start brawling on the outside.
  7. Also a big possibility.
  8. This is most likely the scenario as they're supposed to be outsiders and don't affiliate with anyone but themselves. To put them in just to eliminate Ryback and get eliminated by others would just build a feud with others when it isn't necessary. They'd waste three to four entrants for no reason. So, they're just going to have them on the outside, interfere and leave.
  9. Good if they're in the rumble match, aside from that, keep them far, far away from other matches.
  10. they´ll interfere in punk/rock, making punk win
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