WrestleMania The Shield's Role At Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lockard 23, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. With the road to Wrestlemania officially under way and with The Shield being an awesome group and a pivotal part of the show at the moment, what role will they play at Wrestlemania?

    One idea is to have Ambrose square off with Ryback in a one on one match while Rollins and Reigns perhaps win the tag team titles from Team Hell No (that way, their feud with Ryback and Team Hell No continues up to Wrestlemania.) If The Shield ever does add championships to their group, I imagine Ambrose holding a singles title while Reigns and Rollins win the tag titles. Although in this case, Ambrose would only be winning a title later on...

    Another idea is to have them work a tag team match at WM, given that they are a trio and they work together as a group (although they have to start fighting in singles matches eventually.) In that case, they could make the challenge or someone could make the challenge to them, stating that they want to step up to The Shield on the biggest stage of them all and they want to gather two other guys to help them. In my opinion, this would be a great role for Triple H to play. He could come out and say that he is tired of seeing The Shield do what they want when they want and then hide behind their pretext of 'justice' when they are no different than the Nexus or NWO or any other group that has caused havoc for the sake of it. (This will probably earn him a beatdown as well.) In this case, Triple H gathers two people who he thinks would be great partners - either Orton and Sheamus, or Orton and Flair. I can Sheamus being a part of H's team because Triple H endorses Sheamus and also because Sheamus is definitely gonna have an important role going into WM. But if he is busy with other things (fighting Ziggler for the WHC, for example), I can see Flair taking his spot. Some on other forums feel that Evolution could reunite for one night only, and Orton and Flair teaming with Triple H is as close to an Evolution reunion as we're gonna get at the moment. It also makes sense since Orton and Flair have both been attacked by The Shield. I know Flair wrestling again leaves a bad taste in some people's mouths, but this is a six man tag team match, so he doesn't have to be heavily involved in the ring for a long extended period of time. I would add Ryback as part of the team, but he's already been part of a six man tag match going up against The Shield, so my feelings are he either faces off with Ambrose or his feud with The Shield is over by the time WM29 happens. (Triple vs Ambrose in a singles match also sounds very awesome.)

  2. The Shield vs. Triple H, Sheamus and Orton.
  3. I also picture a Shield vs team WWE scenario. Probably not trips though, maybe Miz since they're really trying to get him over as a face.
  4. Itll be done by then most likely. Probably a shield vs each other battle.
  5. Come on man, you don't think they learned anything from Nexus? I don't they're going to break up that quickly. There hasn't been a dominant stable since Evolution, what was that now, 10 years ago? Its good to have one.
  6. It's just my opinion brother, and i have 0 faith in WWE. Shield will have a 3way match at WM, and i am assuming broken up by the RR before the build for their WM match.
  7. :why: Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  8. WM 29 The shield vs 3MB :troll:

    WM 30 Ambrose (WH champ) vs Rollins (USA Champ) vs Reigns
  9. Not really sure, but I don't think they're going to break them up that quickly. I guess that 6-man tag sounds good.
  10. Interesting ideas. About the first one you've suggested, I'd say that if The Shield win the tag team titles, they need to Freebird them in my opinion. I recall them saying that they work for each other before and that really came across at TLC, which is unlike any stable in WWE in the past few years (in Nexus, there was always a hierarchy, Wade Barrett was most certainly at the top. In The Shield, while they serve different roles, no one honestly feels like the leader to me).

    As for the second one, there are some amendments I'm going to suggest (for discussion purposes, not what I'd want). Before The Shield beatdowns Triple H's for his comment, or post-beatdown, they could bring up the many instances Triple H has strayed from justice, specifically he's treatment of Brock all the way back when he refused the contract he signed. This could lend the way to an eight man tag match between The Shield & Lesnar vs. Triple H, Sheamus, Orton, & Ryback. You now have continuation of Orton/Shield (they took him out, right?), Shield/Ryback, & Triple H/Lesnar in one match plus the feuds that would come from this build. But probably the best thing here, is while The Shield will most likely lose this match regardless of whether Lesnar is added into the mix or not (because it's Mania, it's the perfect time in an narrative sense for them to taste defeat), at least with Lensar on the team they don't have to take the fall.

    However personally, I want The Shield to take a different direction at Mania. For the few that saw my post in the Dream Road To WrestleMania Scenario thread, you know what it is and how I'd book towards it. I want to see The Shield vs. The Undertaker at Mania.
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  11. trick question? of course they didn't. I doubt the Shield is broken up by then, but I am confident that they will be jobbing at Mania.
  12. Agreed about The Shield not having a leader. It's why I'm against them adding another member because they work best as just a trio of guys doing their thing. I do think the reason people see Ambrose as the 'leader' though is because so many of us see him as the most likely biggest breakout star of the group and clearly the closest to having the total package out of all three guys in the group.

    I like the idea of the eight man tag match. Someone on another forum suggested the idea of The Shield vs Undertaker but I don't really like the outcome either way. Taker beating three guys or three guys breaking the streak.
  13. I think the three of them will be released by then :jeritroll:
  14. Ah...no.
  15. People say Ambrose is the leader because they're Ambrose marks. Especially Cornwall fags. Plus the fact that he's the mouthpiece sort of gives that impression I guess.
  16. Lol fuck you.

    Shield has no leader and shouldn't. As for their role at WM, I probably think it will be the start of the groups demise. A group being on top for too long can get stale anyway, and splitting them up means Ambrose will get that heel push and likely feud against face Rollins.

    But it's simply hard to predict as none of us have any idea where the WWE title story is going. We pretty much know Rock is going to take it at the Rumble, but will his feud with Punk last until Wrestlemania or will he face Cena? Since I still think Shield/Punk are aligned I'm guessing we will see Punk/The Shield vs Ryback & Friends or something silly.
  17. No way does Rock/Punk continue to Wrestlemania. Unless they do Rock/Brock (in which case, Rock doesn't win the belt), then Rock and Cena are sure to end up in the ring again. I can see why, considering how big of a draw their last match was.
  18. Rock/Cena can happen without Rock winning the belt, that's if Cena interrupts and costs Rock but that's getting more unlikely. Yeah I don't think Rock/Punk is happening either, it's just one theory, they have a lot of faith in Punk it seems.
  19. I'd rather Rock/Cena for the belt since it takes their rematch to the next level, and puts the belt in the main event.
  20. It's a feud that doesn't need the belt in my opinion. Sure it makes the belt look good, but it just doesn't need it.
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