The shifting of my opinion on Sheamus...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. As of now I don't like Sheamus. I will admit that he can wrestle, but it's nothing spectacular. His mic skills are atrocious. It's like he's reciting the script from the Shrek movies every time he's on the mic or cutting a promo. Yet, despite his averageness, he's ascended to the main event in less time than any superstar I can recall and has won almost every special match there is to win from KOTR to MITB to Royal Rumble. In addition to that last year he had a 74% winning rate, ridiculous in my opinion. He's not even a charcter that gives off that he has the ability to do that like Ryback, he's just some irish dude.

    However I didn't always dislike Sheamus. At first Sheamus definately showed some potential on ECW. Then out of nowhere he wins a number one contenders spot against Cena and nobody cares because they figure this is just going to be somebody for Cena to beat because there's no one else. Out of nowhere he beats Cena and ends that reign, making me actually like Sheamus because I was oh so tired of Cena at that point. He has a few segments, but nobody cares about him, so he loses the title.

    Then they put KOTR on him and from there, he wins...and wins...and wins some more. He eventually turns face for some odd reason and then he delievers the most terrible promos I have ever seen. At this point I actually prefer Cena over him by now. The final straw was him beating Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds for the World Heavyweight Title. I had never seen Bryan in a match, so I was looking forward to it. There was plenty of time to have the match if they'd gotten rid of that Brodus segment, but nope. They overpushed him again by just handing him the belt, the equivalent to WCW's finger poke of doom.

    What bothers me about Sheamus is that he's not that over he's average. IMO he's not even ready for the main event, but yet he'll get a high winning percentage, title reigns, and other major victories. His face is the last one seen on the Raw intro, which used to be reserved for the current WWE champion.

    Do you guys feel as though Sheamus is good enough to get the mega pushes he gets?
  2. No, he's not good enough. He gets lazy in the ring and I don't like his promos at all, he was definitely overpushed. They have to do some major work on him to make him acceptable in his role.
  3. Nothing excites me about him.
  4. He's horrible as a face, and just about average as a heel. He can't cut a promo to save his life, and despite the continued mega-push and constant mic segments/main events to get himself over - he can't. His push is a complete flop and they need to hurry up and give it to someone else more qualified. Look at the differences in pushes between Sheamus and D-Bry, but who is the most over?
  5. I don't know. I like him a little. He sucks on the mic, and only average in the ring, but his cartoonish-ness has kind of grown on me. I definately like him more than Cena. That said, however, there's plenty of others I'd prefer to see in his spot.
  6. The guy is a great wrestler, his problem is with his face character, he got stale pretty much fast after his turn and turned into a second version of Cena.

    He was awesome as a heel, much more entertaining and interesting than he is right now.
  7. He's still my favourite. I agree, his promos suck ass, and he's predictable in the ring, but if he took what he did in the ECW and took that to a whole new level, he would rock. Imagine a badass warrior, facepaint and all, armour, axe, shield, everything. We don't have that in the E right now. Only monsters, no warriors. He has tons of potential, and I.m still hoping wwe sees it before he drops into lower card.
  8. I kinda have to agree, his face turn was completely out of the blue, it was a like a slap to the face for me as I do prefer him as a heel.
    He's pretty decent in the ring, but like people say, it was a shock when he won the WWE championship at TLC 2009 as he was just a nobody.
    I dont know what made them give him a massive push from TLC onwards, but the only reason I can think of is that other superstars were probably saying that he was a breath of fresh air to the company.
    In my opinion, he should turn heel again and help him work on his promo skills, his in ring skills are decent enough at the mo.
  9. Of course I don't feel Sheamus's talent warrants him the kind of push WWE's been giving him. The dude's average in the ring and only capable of raising above that and delivering an excellent bout when pitted against one of the best wrestlers on the roster, namely Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler. His mic skills aren't that good but I wouldn't say they're terrible.

    Despite that I do like Sheamus. Not thrilled about WWE's incessant over-pushing of him but I'm far past the point of criticizing the wrestlers for WWE's booking. I guess you could say that Sheamus should be striving to work harder so that he fits on the pedestal WWE's place him on but at least for awhile (he's definitely stopped now) I felt like Sheamus was trying to do just that. Keyword trying, as he certainly hasn't succeeded.
  10. He is friends with HHH that helps.
  11. I forgot about that :lol1: My brain still hasnt recovered from Royal Rumble
  12. I think he has the face look and he's decent in the ring in all honesty. I understand why you guys may seem to hate him as I do however sometimes like him from time to time it's just one of them things. I remember him defeating John Cena for the championship and when he was a heel. The face turn is when he came out to Mark Henry which did make me interested and was entertaining.

    He's a decent wrestler, a friend of Triple H and has the marketable look therefore he shall be continued to be pushed. He's a legitimate main-eventer now which is a good thing as they needed another main-eventer other than Randy Orton on SmackDown at that time. They've done a good job with him other than the quick squash matches and no-sells.
  13. He is a legitimate main eventer by force. I have never seen someone so incredibly pushed enter constantly to such mediocre pops. It really has been one huge failure in my honest opinion.

    I think he would have benefited much more if he received a midcard push instead. There was no reason to elevate him from random squash matches on RAW to main event AND winning the title. I am just dreading the day when he actually becomes a RAW superstar and ends up main eventing RAW week in week out.
  14. Dude has been wrestling the same match since WM 28..
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