The single greatest RAW I've seen.

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  1. Let's re-cap.

    The obvious start was given the go ahead with Punk and Bryan in the ring and the Royal Rumble winner Sheamus to come out and decide who he's going to face at Wrestlemania. But no, he doesn't choose and I'm glad. It adds suspense, however since Sheamus is a SmackDown superstar he'll probably challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, it seems as though Punk is otherwise engaged as you'll find out.

    We had Ziggler & Orton have an excellent exhibition match where Orton was trying out new things and who else better to try them on than the greatest in ring worker in the company, Dolph Ziggler? The result was inevitable but these two had great chemistry and I hope to see a feud between them in the future. That was the opening match - the greatest opening match since when?

    The weekly squash, brought to you by Brodus Clay, was taken by Tyler Reks this week. Many people thought Tyler had been future endeavored. Well, he wasn't, but he probably is now. He actually got a couple of shots in on Brodus - probably more than McIntyre on Sunday.

    In a match that has been requested numerous times by the WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan faced off against his old ROH buddy CM Punk in a great match. It's obvious these 2 have fantastic chemistry and like working with each other some hopefully we can see a friend vs friend feud after Wrestlemania. I'm pretty sure WWE have this penciled in. This was another great match though, given more time it could've been PPV quality.

    In an Elimination Chamber warm-up match, Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz in what I can describe as a sloppy match. It was alright but The Miz isn't the greatest in ring worker out there and Kofi out shined him and brought the victory home. Another decent match for RAW.

    Eve, a nervous wreck, was out for a title bout with Beth Phoenix in which the Divas champion won in a very short time. It was great to go along with the storyline though, so these squash matches are alright (in comparison to Brodus' for example). It left Eve helpless in the ring, anyway, and out came Kane. Who saves her? Super Cena. He came and beat the holy hell out of Kane using steps and everything and people cheered him. This isn't heel Cena at all - this is SuperCena, overcoming all odds, defeating all evil. Anyway, it looks like we've got a few more weeks of the Kane/Cena/Ryder/Eve thing until Rocky comes back. If you're reading this Rock, come back soon.

    Then of course, came the moment a lot of people were waiting for. The firing of Johnny Ace. It was a very good segment cut by Triple H with no help from Johnny but that's because they wanted the spotlight on Triple H and his personal problems being in his past. He was just about to fire Johnny and put himself back in the role when... DONG.

    Who could've predicted this? Well, me if you look at the chatbox archive, however, THE UNDERTAKER has returned. It was nothing like last year where many knew it was The Undertaker returning with the vignettes - it was magical. Unannounced he came to the ring and non-verbally challenged Triple H to a rematch. Triple H, having to choose between another chance to end The Streak or the RAW GMs job. This segment tied in VERY nicely. It's restored some of my faith in the WWE's Creative department. Triple H seemed to say no to the challenge and apologise to Undertaker but we'll only know for sure next week.

    What a great, great RAW. I've never spoken those words before.

    Posted this on another forum, it rings so true.
  2. Completely agree with all of it, I rated the show 8.5 out of 10. However, tonight confirmed one thing, we're going to see Taker vs HHH part III. Something I, and many many others in the IWC don't want to see. However, if HHH really has rejected taker and he has no one to face (thus missing WM and facing Cena next time) then this RAW moves up to a 9.5! Every match had purpose tonight, it was really good to see.
  3. Who would you rather have Undertaker face? Mason Ryan?

    Like I've said, there's no other credible threat to the streak.
  4. No one... he should have skipped this years mania and faced Cena next year (or a returning Lesnar). If he HAS to participate this year then Jericho, or maybe they could have built someone up this year like Barrett for christ sake. Not hard to build someone up at all. You could even make the match with Barrett have a corrupted SD GM having the stipulations in Barrett's favour, makes it equally as believable that the streak will end than HHH facing him.
  5. For some reason, I honestly believe that HHH said 'no' to Taker last night.
    I hope to god, but I highly doubt it.

    And if this is the greatest RAW you've ever seen, you have low expectations. This RAW was quite shit, bar Taker, Jericho and Laryngitis/HHH.
  6. Punk vs Bryan and Dolph vs Orton were good also imo.
  7. The RAW was great, every match had meaning.
  8. Looks like the RAW I will watch tomorrow will be very good :emoji_slight_smile: Not watched it yet.
  9. Yeah it was a pretty good show overall. There was some good wrestling which is surprising on Raw tbh.
  10. SmackDown last week had a total of 9 minutes of wrestling, lol.

    Think Bryan & Punk beat that on its own.
  11. Yea man one of the best in along time
  12. Seriously only 9 minutes? Nice to see I did not miss anything.
  13. Trips did say no.

    And you're in the minority, friend.
  14. It was pretty good imo. Enjoyed watching it and discussing it here.
  15. I agree with this. Every match had a meaning behind it not just random matches thrown together to get different superstars TV time.
  16. You can expect this though on the RTWM, though I wish they did it permanently.
  17. I wish they did permanently but they need to build up other superstars by throwing them in different matches, so I understand why they don't always do it permanently.
  18. That's why we have SmackDown, SuperStars and NXT.

    Leave RAW to the professionals.
  19. I like SmackDown, though. They have some good mid carders, but like always RAW has been the A-show.