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  1. The site has officially moved to Xenforo now, which is completely different forum software. Some things will be more or less the same, and some things will be really different, but overall it is much better. It's 3:23am here in the UK, and Solidus and I have been up configuring everything after Jake (he's called "admin" here) converted us from MyBB to Xenforo.

    Honestly, I could write a huge announcement telling you what extra stuff we have etc., but I really am tired. Plus, last time I made a huge post, you all preferred to read the TLDR instead -.-. So, I won't torture you, you can simply look around and figure things out. If you need help with anything, then make a thread in the questions/suggestions section, and we will try help you asap.

    I do advise changing your signatures, as they will look ugly because the BB codes here are different. If you are reading this as a guest, then login as usual, because your passwords will still work here.

    This is a new era for WWE forums, and we are on the best software around, so I hope you guys enjoy it.
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  2. Everything else will be set up tomorrow. Don't complain about the lack of legend features, or anything like that just yet.
  3. wow yet ok!?
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  4. You can't edit posts after 0 seconds.
  5. It looks real nice so far! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Not with the style randomly dying on us. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. It won't let me change my viewing settings from mobile style. After I change and save it just goes straight back to it.
  8. So how do you spoiler stuff?
  9. Show Spoiler
    same way

    The plugin isn't enabled yet. Will do that.
  10. Spoilers added.
  11. I HATE THIS SEVER! IT SUCK! were the fuck my group, were the fuck simley? were the fuck is are fake cash? AND WERE IS MY BITW AWARD!
  12. Randy, please, stop. We are adding everyone back to their groups tomorrow, the awards will return, the smilies will return, and the cash will return. Today is just the migration.

    Be patient, and complain tomorrow.
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  13. what about :pipebomb:? why do i have some dumb happy face on there!?
  14. Lmao, because we haven't added the smilies back yet. I'll do that tomorrow. It's 4am here, and I just wanted to get the site online.
  15. oh it 11pm were i am at. what about the chat room cbox thing? are getting that back.but either way this sever cofened the fuck out of me. i can take what i posted in already and 1s that i have not reply back into yet?
  16. The chat box was there whilst posts were down, because we were moving. If you want to ask questions to get used to the new software, then send me a PM (it's called a conversation here, click my name, and click start conversation), and I'll respond as fast as I can. Probably tomorrow now.

    For now, just post around the wrestling sections like usual.
  17. Forum looking great. Use Lady's userbars for now.

    Lol at the pipebomb try. Hahaha
  18. i me the stutes! were are that!?
  19. <333 Xenforo

    You guys will love this software. So much more user friendly & inviting than MyBB.

    Best forum software around IMO.

    but seriously guess it'll take some getting used to, hey when we soak in all the new features and get everything going surely we'll love it.