The situation with one major championship

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. I was thinking, now that there is only one major belt in WWE, a lot of the (almost)top guys won't be included to the new system.

    The thing with both WWE and WHC titles was to have the top guys in the WWE title picture, and also top guys, with minor/mid-card guys to be able to win the WHC.
    There was a lot of talk to get guys like Cesaro, Bryan, Reigns, Sandow, Fandango, Big E, etc.. on the wagon to become WHC, but now with only one title, it seems impossible to have them as champs.
    Imho, guys like Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus, ADR and maybe Show to win a title like the WWE championship.

    So with this major change, does it really improve WWE, and does it really have pro's in this invironment for it to be ''Best for business''?

    I really doubt it.
  2. not everyone needs to be feuding for a belt all the time. Plus the guys you mentioned can go after the US/IC belts which will feel more important without 2 'major' championships floating about
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  3. The IC belt, as stated by will fill the room of the WHC, like in the old days. And as D'Z said, not everyone needs to feud for a belt. Personal rivalries work just as well.
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  4. Ah like that..

    Well, if that's true, the IC will have his old meaning back, gladly..

    Not surprised if it'll happen very soon, just look at how the Tag titles were hot again in no time.
  5. Would love to see the IC title have some more prestige tbh. But the US title should just go away...
  6. Lets hope they'll give the IC belt a massive push then. Having someone like Sheamus, Cesaro, Reigns holding that belt should be good. Then again we thought they were gonna do the same when the show went to 3 hours, yay more time for storys, mid carders and epic matches! Nope, just more adverts and filler.
  7. Only in the last 11 years in the WWE alone has having two world championships been commonplace. Before that, the WWF and all other wrestling promotions (and all the ones except WWE since then and today) had only one premier championship to fight over, and that worked out just fine. The WHC being vanquished simply means that the Intercontinental Title will get a huge boost in prestige by becoming the #2 title in the company again, which is good. That's how it was in the old days, and that's how it can be again.

    Does it mean less people are gonna get to become a world champion? Yes. But that's what makes being the world champion mean something, because it's not a title that just anyone can get a turn with. I mean, who honestly wants to see Fandango win the WHC? I'm not even sure I'd want to see him win the IC or US Title. Guys like Ceasro, Sandow, Kofi and others are good too, but they can be just as good helping to prop up the IC and US Titles in the midcard.
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  8. Sadly not everybody gets to be world champion. There have been many greats in the past, Mr. Perfect and Razor Ramon are two examples, that never got a world championship reign. Not everybody will get the chance, but that means hopefully only top level guys will get it and it brings more prestige than having filler reigns for a world title. Plus, it means the Intercontinental championship will mean something once again. I only hope they book the United States championship to mean something, they were able to with the European championship, and keep entertainment with the Hardcore championship back in the day.
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  9. Yep this is the important factor you can easily promote the IC title back to some past glory.
  10. The only other promotion I can think of that has two major singles belts is New Japan, and that was kind of completely by accident.
    They created their intercontinental belt as a mid card belt for heavyweights to compete for before moving up to the IWGP heavyweight strap, but due in part to the matches by guys like MVP and Nakamura it has risen in the ranks to be considered a belt near equal to the heavyweight belt. It still serves its old purpose just as well, but its just more high profile than I think New Japan intended it to be.
  11. It's only a very new belt though so I don't think that's on par with the world titles history or prestige. I know we're going off on a tangent here but that's the forum way.
  12. Yeah obviously its nowhere near the history of the heavyweight belt, Nakamura is only like the sixth champ on his second reign or something. But the quality of matches delivered for it have heightened it a lot. Also the fact that it is closing out wrestle kingdom instead of the heavyweight belt says all, but that is mostly due to who are wrestling for it.
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  13. Yep it's a shame the E missed a chance to do something similar with their world title before unifying them after Cena picked it up.
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