The SmackDown and RAW General Mangers are...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 18, 2016.

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  1. Shane McMahon revealed Daniel Bryan as the General Manager of SmackDown, while Stephanie McMahon revealed Mick Foley as the General Manger.

    I wasn't surprised by Daniel Bryan. The hype alert from the WWE App spoiled it, but that pop was great. I was excited to see the vanilla midget back. Not a fan, but I like the crowd reactions. Gives him something to do.

    Mick Foley was a pleasant surprise, but I mean in his own words, he's kind of like a cheap prostitute. Easy to find, and an easy way to get excited, but nothing too great. Was hoping for someone that could walk, or someone that wasn't already a GM, but whatever.

  2. Mick was a horrible choice. Get ready for Holey Foley plug ins with Noelle and Frank The Clown EVERY WEEK.:mog:

    My opinions on DB haven't swayed, but he dabbled. So I don't really know.
  3. DB's the SmackDown GM? Sweet! :yes:

    Can't say I'm hyped about Foley, but at least they didn't go with the most predictable choice - HHH.
  4. I hope Foley being the GM of Raw is gonna mean that one hour of every week is gonna get dedicated to publicly humiliating that faggot clown.
  5. Bryan being announced is probably the biggest pop I've ver heard, up there with the pop The Rock got when he returned to host WM 27.
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  6. Was expecting DB. Really wish it was Stone Cold for Raw. I'll accept Foley. I'm hoping he will bring back the same vibe as when he was commissioner back in like 2000. He was awesome back then. DB I'm some what worried about, I feel like he could end up being super dull. He's still a wrestler at heart, so I feel like an authority role might not work out for him. Oh well we'll see.
  7. Happy for Bryan, huge fan and I know his presence will draw ratings for SD. I am not in love with the idea of having Foley as Raw GM but it beats HHH using the Authority storyline again. That being said, I don't see Foley staying as the Raw GM for very long either.
  8. Foley being GM on RAW is just a ploy to get Frank drafted to Smackdown so he gets rid of him
  9. Ehhh not feeling the Foley, but ayyyyee Daniel Bryan
  10. Mick Foley>Daniel Bryan
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  11. is it me or did Shane look like an excitable kid on Christmas day when he gets those Jordan's he wanted when Daniel Bryan came out?
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