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  1. Anyone else impressed by the opening match last night? All men delivered, especially the final four in my opinion. Reigns got such a rub right there.
  2. Didn't watch, but heard Reigns went over Goldust and Mysterio in 30 seconds, that's heavy and pretty impressive.

    The guy has the look and can work, push him.
  3. He eliminated 4 out of the opposing 5 with 4 massive spears. Rollins eliminated one of the Usos with a curb stomp.
    It was a well worked match. Everyone got to shine. Even Ambrose who got eliminated almost immediately got to showcase his more "erratic" personality traits. But people are gonna complain about it non the less methinks.

    And yeah, push Reigns. He has that It factor.
  4. Wow, 4 out of 5? Awesome.

    Ambrose got eliminated in about 2 mins, gotta say I laughed at it because of his diehard fans haha, namely Crayo.
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  5. Crayo has no internet right now so he was probably spared.
  6. Anyone noticed that Roman Reigns was cheered by the fans on the end of the match? His turn face is so close.
  7. I didn't watch the PPV but I read the results on Bleacher's Report about how Reigns eliminated four people and also apparently showed some type of respect to Mysterio at the end? It's obvious that a face turn and a big push is in the near future for him once The Shield splits apart (something most people have been calling for months, but now it's becoming evident.) I'm all for it considering he has all the tools of the trade to become a top star - look, charisma (charisma has to do with presence too, not just talking skills), can work, has pretty decent mic skills, great impact finisher, etc.
  8. Good for Reigns, can't wait to see him in the main event scene by himself
  9. I marked, it was awesome. When it went down to 5 on 2 I thought "Pretty sure the faces are winning now, would be pretty cool if Reigns just ran through everyone though" and it ended up happening, it was awesome. Makes sense the crowd cheered, by himself he beat everyone up, great stuff. Does seem like this will play a part in the Shield's break up.
  10. Reigns got the rocket ship shoved up his ass last night. Just time to light the fuse and send him to the moon.

    I ain't even mad, dude is legit.
  11. crowd loved it as well. He is going to be incredibly over as a face.
  12. Anybody else notice that the spear is apparently the move to use if you want to make it in the WWE? Goldberg, Edge, now Reigns. Who am I missing?
  13. Reigns' spear is probably the most protected move in WWE atm. it is going to be a legitimate shock when someone finally kicks out of it way down the line.
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  14. Wait until he faces Cena.
  15. WWE needs to protect Regins' spear like New Japan protects Okada's Rainmaker. Make it the most legit of moves.
  16. No more superman punch? I kind of liked that too
  17. Possible MOTN? I think so.

    Reigns was beast as always, everyone delivered way well.

    Epic ending, push the big man.
  18. Definitely my favorite match of the night. Reigns beasted it up once again, so good.
  19. Rhyno. He did an awesome Gore (that's what he called it) but he wasn't much of a success compared to the other guys you mentioned. Goldberg was a WCW guy first, btw.

    I always hated Edge using the spear. It's better fit for bigger guys the size of Reigns or Goldberg or even Rhyno (who I recall being bigger than Edge... Rhyno at least put more velocity and charge into his version of the spear than Edge did.) Edge and now even Christian using the spear makes the move seem ultra weak. I'm surprised WWE hasn't demanded that Christian stop using it now that Reigns has it as his finisher. They typically don't like it when guys have similar trademark moves.
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