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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Lacky, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. A thread for people like myself who fancy having an odd bet from time to time. Here you can post your tips and whatever you may be betting on.

    Tonight I'm betting

    San Jose Earthquakes to beat Portland Timbers.
  2. NFL bets I like this week (but can't make because I have no extra cash)

    Giants +2.5 tomorrow night-- started as 1 point favorites but the public is all over Carolina. This is easy money. I would also be tempted to take the over on 49.5 points being scored. Giants can't stop anybody. This game should be played in the 30s

    San Fransisco -6.5. On the road favored by 6 and a half, but fuck it, take the 9ers. Minnesota isn't good at all and SF has been the best team in football through 2 weeks

    Pittsburgh -4.5- easy money. Oakland sucks dick

    New England +3 vs Baltimore- just a gut feeling on this one.
  3. Despite San Jose been on fire at home recently they managed to draw with Portland.
  4. Usually with gambling, never bet on/against your team. Too easy to overreact... but agreed. Pitt over Oakland is too good, and taking the Patriots when the public is down on them is too easy.

    The only one that jumps out at me is Tampa +8 against Dallas... no way Dallas wins that big. Buffalo -3 against Cleveland and Detroit -4 against Tennessee are also interesting, but you know not to take a single word I say seriously, just want to talk football haha. Suck at gambling.
  5. I've been successful gambling in the past on football (Basketball not so much). I think I know more about the NFL than the average joe schmoe, and I have a decent understanding of why oddsmakers do what they do with the lines. Also 'reading the line' throughout the week and seeing what the public does can help a ton.

    Absolutely agree on the Tampa/Dallas game. 8 is indeed too many points. I expect Dallas will win, but the only reason they are giving 8 is because they wear big stars on their helmets.. any other team coming off that game vs Seattle would never give that many.

    I definitely agree about not betting on your team. I've lost plenty of bets with the Raiders (including a friendly $20 bet on the opening MNF debacle vs SD) but no way we can play with Pittsburgh. Unless we completely revamp our offensive philosophy in 7 days and somehow our backup CBs who are forced to start have powers like the aliens from Space Jam and steal the talents of guys like Revis and Champ Bailey.. we are in serious troubs my friend.
  6. ^Dolph's, Oakland/Pittsburgh seems like one of these trap games, where there's no reason for the spread to be that low, but Vegas knows something we don't.
  7. Vegas doesn't know anything about the Raiders that I don't. Like I said I expected the public to bet that line up and they haven't. If it were a 'trap game' the line would be 6 or 7 points by now. Our starting CBs aren't even worthy of being in the NFL and Ben is going to rape them. Our offense has been a complete joke and none of our players fit Greg Knapp's scheme (KNapp who oh by the way is the worst and most predictable play caller in the league)

    trust me, we are getting our asses pounded on Sunday and there are no two ways about it.
  8. This thread :yay:
  9. I bet you feel right at home....
  10. Fiver on Swansea, Villa, Man Utd and Hibs with a tenner on Dundee Utd to beat Hearts (free money, highly recommend you stick some money on it @ 11/10)

    And yes, I do :yay:
  11. I suppose your hardest game there is Swansea, who versus Everton IIRC.
  12. Looking through the NFL props, I'd take a few of these:

    -Denver +7 at New England
    -Seattle +3 at Carolina
    -Cleveland +9 at Giants
    -Pittsburgh -3 1/2 vs Philadelphia
    -Green Bay -7 at Indianapolis

    So head to vegas, pick the opposite, and enjoy your winnings.
  13. I forgot about this thread.

    Europa League tonight are you having a punt on anything @[R'Albin]
  14. Had a cheeky treble.

    Lazio, Athletico, Inter to win.
  15. Here's a image


    Double money time. :otunga:
  16. What would the final return be?

    Currently banned as I can't prove my age :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. I betted £10 returns are £23 I think. I think this is near-enough guaranteed to win. :otunga:
  18. Athletico scored in the 93rd minute to win. Not a lot of returns but I can use that tomorrow. :otunga:
  19. Tonight's action, I was confident when I put it on this morning. Now...not so much.

  20. Steven Fletcher to score and Sunderland to win vs. Man Shitty - 250/1
    Stan James

    Well worth a £1 bet!
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