News The stable is called Smart Athletic Friends, not the New Nation

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Man I thought for sure they would do a new nation stable with Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods, but such is not the case according to this story. At least they are still getting a stable together I guess. Sounds like they will be a face stable too.

  2. Well, I would catch it best if they kept them off television and planned something for them, rather than have pointless segment and them losing to hurt the credibility they might try to build for this stable. I honestly hope this goes somewhere, I like all those wrestlers, especially Kofi Kingston out of the three. I hope it turns into something serious and they get legit feuds and make an impact together.
  3. Chip: they should be called *snicker* the guys that lose all their matches and stuff force, or sumthin'
  4. @Trip in the Head it's not called Speed Force. The tag team of Kofi and Woods is Speed Force. The stable is by Woods own words called Smart Athletic Friends
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  5. Kofi is a natural babface and Big E is a lovable teddy bear type.

    HHH really is on board with stables, is he not?
    If you're going to get young talent over, i suppose stables are the hottest way to go about it.
  6. I'm afraid I've got some bad news... This is BS. They'll be a face stable? Meh. But I guess the only good thing that's gonna come out of it is that they'll be putting some guys over.
  7. Whoops

    EDIT: Doesn't say that in the article does it? Thats what I was going off.
  8. It's Smart Athletic Friends, m8.

    Big E + Xavier = Muscle Bomb
    Kofi + Xavier = Speed Force
  9. Some fan on twitter asked about it. Woods said he had no idea about a stable called Speed force, only Smart Athletic Friends.

    Plus the fact that he says "this tandem" only points towards a duo, since a tandem is a pair of two
  10. Alright alright. I fixed the thread title, ok? Sheesh. I like Speed Force better though TBH. Not much better, but a lil
  11. I like it. Being smart should be more trendy these days. It was something Woods had alluded to earlier.
    I had an idea for a mastermind type wrestler at one point. Most shot it down as being more appropriate for a manager. Go fig.
    Meat heads have saturated the Empire. I'm ready for some intelligent, border line nerdy characters to debut.
  12. 'Smart Athletic Friends'.... what a crappy name lol. Sounds like something people would call themselves in middle school or high school or something.
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  13. Big E + Kofi = ? Black Magic ?

    Not a fan of the stupid stable name, agree with the members though.
  14. They should be called snicker? Damn you racist Senhor.

    If it gives them something to do then why not? Stables are an easy way to boost the midcard as you can easily use 6 + guys in a single story.
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