The Stardust thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. So what do you take away from this latest in the line of personas for Cody Rhodes, aka Stardust?


    I've seen some hate on the web, some people claiming that he is buried. But the dude came out to a very positive reaction from the crowd and won pretty darn dominantly. Plus as history shows, Cody is always best when working a character (dashing/un-dashing). I also thought he looked like he had insane amounts of fun out there.

    I'm game for Stardust. Let's see where they go with it, what do you guys think?
  2. Literally no idea what to fully make of it. At least they're attempting to give Cody more personality and glamour, and that music is damn fine to listen to as well. I have to wonder if this is meant to be a long-term thing though, or whether WWE only intends for it to last until Cody and Goldust end up eventually breaking apart.
  3. I actually enjoyed it. I think the novelty would wear out if it was a permanent thing, but for the time being it's all good.
  4. Stardust looks like a more deranged version of Goldust. Maybe it could work if Cody turns on Goldy down the road.

    Kind of like in Japan when they had foreign wrestlers (among them Eddie Guerrero) play Black Tiger to feud with Tiger Mask.
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  5. Are people expecting it to be a long-term thing? Thought it was just a little joke, before we eventually get a Cody vs. Goldy feud. The Rhodes brothers have nothing to offer as a tag-team anymore.
  6. I'm not. I'm guessing Stardust will get the pin on a few more matches, he'll call Goldust garbage and then they'll split.
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  7. Legend
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  8. Looks like something Vince thought up the night before for no real reason.
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  9. It seems a bit weird to me, not sure where this is going. It was alright, I guess, but I have no idea how this enchances a break-up story, perhaps they're doing it to keep the team going for a while longer. Idk.
  10. stardust is the best
  11. someone ban this painfully unfunny alt plz thanks bye
  12. Rewatched the match and noted how easily and quickly Cody has adapted his moveset to this character. Much more fluid and aeral based (I saw a user one another forum use Peter Panish as a description) with the ducking and weaving combined with some good facial expressions and mannerisms. Cody got it down it seems.

    Respect for Cody for always making characters work.
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  13. we need a "whiny bitch" rating

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  14. we need a try hard button
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  15. Haven't seen the match yet, but from what I've seen on here today I am definitely looking forward to it. He has a HUGE smile on in that GIF in the OP, which is a good sign I hope.
  16. Aftre a second look he reminds of a bad guy from something.......but what? DBZ maybe?
  17. I think of Jim Carrie's riddler
  18. Ohhhh, that might be it. Good call
  19. It'll work for now but I don't like the character personally.
    He changed his twitter name and pic so that's an indication they will go a little further with the character but as for long term idk I doubt it.
  20. His new look creeped me out at first but he is slowly growing on me
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