Kayfabe The Starks Have Fallen

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*A camera pans to the locker room where the glowing boots of Antonio Stark are seen. The crowd begin to boo loudly after his match at Aftermath and what he's said the last few weeks. Antonio sits there silently and is on his phone, seemingly someone is talking to him. Suddenly Antonio pops to his feet and you can hear him whisper, 'So What's the pay?' After saying this Antonio sees the camera and storms to the production area and ask for his music to be played, and to have a Mic, this is kindly obliged by the backstage grew and Antonio begins walking to the ring to a chorus of boos*
Stark begins to walk to the ring with some sort of document in his hand, no-one is sure what exactly it is. Antonio unusally is dressed pretty smart, with the exception of his wrestling boots, he is in a blue suit with a burgundy tie, and somewhat smarter boots then usually. He walks to the edge of the ring apron and stands against it, drinking in the audiences boos and savering every moment of what is happening. He goes under the ring and pulls out a black table and two steel folded chairs. He sets this up in the ring, whilst the crowd look on confused and still loudly booing. He takes a seat on one of the steel chairs, puts the mic to his mouth and begins to speak
Precision has always been a home to me. Precision is where I made my name and I began to be someone. Precision is where the best competition is and it's where I know I am worth something. However Precision is also a place where my biggest failures have come. Precision is a place where my darkest of days have taken place. Last night at AfterMath, another conspiracy to the Stark name was placed in front of me, a no holds barred with Neilson. First a triple threat where I wasn't pinned, then an all out brawl, I wanted a wrestling match not a slug fest. Me and Mr Neilson go back years, years of hatred and friendship, but someone, Trent cough Trent, has something against me.
I see you all looking round like why is Antonio dressed up and why has he got a document well I'll tell you why, I wanted to do this privately but I got the door shut in my face, ive fallen down and now I'm gonna make it right. So Mr Trent GM Mannnn get your arse out here before I fu**ing drag it out

*The crowd look on in disbelief at what Antonio is saying. Antonio sits in ring getting more and more impatient waiting for the GM of Precision. Antonio continues sitting there waiting and taunting the audience*
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