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  1. This thread is being made for one purpose and one purpose only.

    The current state of this league is worrying. We have about 12-15 people signed up, with a fair few active each week competing in matches with each other. Some have reasons why they are not signed up/not able to compete, which is fine. However, there are some people who have signed up and are near enough not active at all. @TheFrostyBlur is trying to make this league run well and keep it alive. I ask you all that read this thread, who have a PlayStation 4 system, who have WWE 2K16 and who are interested in having fun online matches with other people to sign up and keep this league alive. We are near enough having only 3 matches per week, including the tournament matches. That is extremely low compared to other league standards. Hopefully when this tournament ends we can have more and more people become active/sign up in order to keep this league going.

    If someone wishes to add anything to this then they are welcome to, I just don't want this league to die so early just because a few people couldn't be bothered to play. If you know that you can't be active on a weekly basis, then either tell Frosty or Yellow, or just don't sign up all together.

    I suffer from stress and depression, signing up to this league made me feel that little bit better. I'm extremely sorry if this seems like a big long rant, but I just want to express my feelings to everyone in this league and why I don't want it to die. Hate on me if you wish, I really don't give a shit.

    Thank you very much for listening.

    - Will.
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