The state of WWE right now

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. I make threads like this every once in awhile to gauge how everyone feels about the current product.
    Basically, I want you to say what is on your mind in terms of the decisions WWE has been making lately with their booking, story-lines, wrestlers, champions, and so on. What is the good? What is the bad? What is the downright ugly?
  2. I'm not going to rant and rave about everything I believe
    the company is doing wrong at this point in time.

    All I will say is this time last year I was enjoying the WWE product
    a lot more than I am at the moment.

    For me personally there have been a lot more negatives in the
    creative and booking decisions so far this year than last year...
    and no...this has nothing to do with Charlotte basically doing
    nothing since dropping the title and her streak to Bayley.

    If I'm being honest...the last time I really enjoyed a main roster
    WWE show or event was the Elimination Chamber pay per view.

    I mean NXT is always great to solid...but then that raises the
    question of why can't all of the WWE product be on the same
    level as NXT?

    If I had to point out one critical error I believe the company is is that they are trying too hard to make RAW and
    SmackDown like their pay per views...and all it is doing is
    making the pay per views seem more like RAW & SmackDown.

    Less is more...

    12 pay per views a year...
    4 dual brand, 4 RAW, 4 SmackDown and give the stories you
    are "trying" to tell more time and room to be told properly.
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    I've had this discussion with a couple of my friends and I'm convinced that they really won't change anything creatively because they don't "need" to.

    You notice they only make the bigger decisions and more efficient decisions when it comes to the Network, but in wrestling, especially now, when you become so rich and have such a large budget that gives you the possibility to do whatever you want but you do the exact opposite. I could sit and type out everything that's wrong with RAW and SnackDown but not even just in wrestling, but in most forms of business, when the bosses gain enough money not to worry and have a consistent (whether it be good or bad) rating or quality they won't shift from that because they come up with so many excuses to explain drops other than the truth. When you get into the comfort zone and most of the employees are just there to be in a comfort zone and just solely in it for money they don't have passion for what's actually entertaining otherwise every main event on RAW wouldn't be Reigns vs. Strowman.

    WCW had the same problem, they had Nitro, Thunder, about a thousand guys on the roster, a hundred titles which WWE mock all the time in the documentaries they make but are doing almost the exact same thing now and losing money and cutting costs. Now, I'm not an expert and I'm liable to be corrected but a successful company as WWE claims itself to be doesn't cut so much costs and content of a show the same time every year for the same reason and don't eventually work out what's wrong, but it's not like they can't know they're either lying or don't want to admit three hours of promos with matches that are all the same, the commentary and promos are robotic, there's even less wrestling with more time the show has which blow my mind and they're completely disregarding 70% of the roster.

    NXT is so over because it feels like more of a freer product, not much, but more freer than the brands, and less is ALWAYS more, less time on a show, less wrestlers that are in turn being used more which RAW/SD is doing the opposite and they're making the most of almost all the talents they have.

    All of this, and the constant fact, in my mind, since Punk left there hasn't been any legit, 'real', passionate programs or workers you can suspend your disbelief and people saying "Well it's not real1!!!11" but don't know how to form a long term angle rather than a title match every week to some wrestlers who frankly don't even deserve to be signed and don't hold a memorable reign.

    I understand their fascination with 7fters but at a certain point you need to realise even the UFC doesn't have 7fters and is believable because it is in fact real.
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  4. I've been watching again after merely keeping an eye on the product and... While like Grievous you know I'm VERY quick to bash everything and be overly negative, Raw is in its best place since 2013 right now - ironically, when the Shield was still around. Now those times since then have made that a fairly easy feat, but. I'm enjoying the Sasha/Alexa feud they never should have ended, the big four in the main event picture are all absolutely awesome right now, and this Ambrose/Rollins thing is the best storyline they've had in years.

    All the gripes about Raw remain - 3 hours, irrelevant characters, scripted promos, Michael Cole, too many things that don't mean anything, far too much character damage to too many people and not enough effort to make us interested in the midcard, yadda yadda you know the story by now, you see it when you watch NXT or 2016 Smackdown and compare it to now and see some holes... But when Raw's hitting it's hitting on all cylinders...

    Smackdown. However... I've been watching since just 2008, and I don't think there's a year and a show I've disliked more than 2017 Smackdown (at least after Wrestlemania). 2009 Raw with the guest hosts and 2014 Impact before Russo tried to use email come to mind, but it feels like every single decision they make is an absolute disaster. The confusion over Jinder Mahal, the waste of MITB on Corbin, the treatment of the women, Rusev/Randy/Cena being the worst most tired versions of themselves, dropped angles, having a Styles/Owens feud being forgotten for weeks at a time, spinning wheels with the Fashion Files which I enjoy but is stale for many, Nakamura succumbing to WWE formula, and so much talent (Zayn/Dillenger/Harper/Ziggler/Benjamin/Gable soon) sitting in the back... The one thing that was good (Nakamura vs Cena) was also intended to be fucked up. In a post-NXT era where booking is so important and weaknesses are so transparent the blue brand is failing hard.

    NXT is looking awesome right now. The cupboard feels stacked with talent and all the advantages that brand has are being used perfectly. Takeover looks phenomenal and there's a lot of people I'm hyped to watch.
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  5. There's potential on both shows for some really great stories and matches that just hasn't been tapped into. The strongest brand under the WWE banner right now is NXT and it's a glorified developmental. In all honesty it's just a good time to expand your horizons and watch some other promotions. WWE just needs to cut off all the extra fat and just focus on putting on good wrestling shows.
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  6. Raw and Smackdown have their moments, just right now with all the over abundance of PPVs, three-hour Raws, a lack of build towards storylines, they aren't reaching their max potential.

    But NXT, f-yeah it rules.
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  7. After searching their tour schedule online, I found out that there are a bunch of shows in New York City starting tomorrow with a bunch of meet and greets, so my guess would be their current state is New York.
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