The StopAids show, or the Aidsspot.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. Made jokes about it, but i think this could be pretty impressively funny as a whole. Me and spot talking wrestling and doing a livechat podcast after PPV's.

    Anyone think it's worth a shot? My foul language mixed with his amazing accent= gold IMO.
  2. I remember giving you or Stop this idea when we had that three-way wrestling debate at like 4am our time for hours. Do it, this site needs a podcast, if it's up to scratch I don't mind making it official.
  3. Can I have a spot please. My voice is ridiculously handsome.
  4. Vouch. My original idea weeks ago was to have a host and different forum guests weekly (or a few regulars). Host would need to know how to play a host though (give his own opinions but don't get sucked into huge debates. List of questions etc).
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  5. :no: but we can maybe take skype callers to banter and use time. Spot will run the stuff, ill just be there to be the good looking/sounding guy people can understand.
  6. it's true, very deep and soothing :gusta:
  7. Screw you Aids, crushing my dreams! By the way, I'm twice good looking and sounding as you are.

    Minus the looking part.
  8. I'd be happy to help anytime needed, Champ.

    If you like my voice, ofcourse. :otunga:
  9. You sig saved crayo's edit of my status. :pity: fucker. Yeah it was a good chat tonight.
  10. OH WTF for real? I thought it was your status.. He told me to sig it..

    I'll remove it bro :emoji_wink:
  11. No podcast's successful without a female on it. :emoji_wink:)
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  12. Too bad you're a tranny.
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  13. Too bad you can't have my voluptuous ass.

  14. winner!
  15. I'll do the weather!
  16. Thank you babe. :emoji_kissing_heart:*


    I'll do the health tips. :emoji_wink:)
  17. :hmm:
  18. You both aren't doing diddely squat :bury:

    If Aids and I do it it's a two man circlejerk... With the potential quest jackoff.
  19. Anyone else fed up with Hannah's "I'm a chick, I have tits!" gimmick?
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