The Strange Case of Elisa Lam

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by The GOAT, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. This happened two years ago, but I only heard about it just this past week and since a quick forum search didn't yield any thread results, I assume 99.9% of you probably haven't heard about it either. I'm a freak for unsolved mysteries and murders/crimes that still leave unanswered queries about them, so I thought I'd post this. It's a long-ass read, but interesting.

    Obviously any theory pertaining to the supernatural is ridiculous, and a manic episode of bipolarity seems to explain her strange behavior in the elevator (her parents confirmed she was bipolar, and she frequently talked about how distressing it was in her Tumblr blog as well), but the rest is still pretty eerie.
  2. I think we had a post of it in a subforum, but oh well. It's an interesting case all around. The possible stalking, how she got upstairs, and the video is pretty damn creepy. I just can't believe people were showering and using the water she was dead in for so long. Ish.
  3. 1:57 seemed like she was feeling in between the elevators to see if something was blocking it from closing.
    Might have been a stalker as she felt uneasy and hid in the corner of the elevator.
    Looked like she pressed more than a few floors to throw him off, but since it wasn't working, she went to the top floor and maybe hid in the water tank? And from there, you can interpret the ending whether she got locked in there, forced drown, etc.

    Although, it could have been just all in her head, plus, most of the evidence can get washed away in the water tank, so I dunno.
  4. Also, these type of topics fit in serious topics and debates, IMO.
  5. Yeah, the door had an alarm but it was broken and was used regularly as a smoking spot for workers. The things that get me are just coincidence, but still weird. Watch the time in that video from start to finish, it skips 30+ seconds for no reason, and this was police footage. She was frantically hitting the buttons, and it had been noted there was a way to "clear" the elevator of wait by hitting a certain combo (doubt she did, but it would be to close the door immediately) and of course her size being able to lift and throw herself into the water tank.

    The whole case is pretty interesting, no matter what.
  6. It looks like there was a chance she might have been stuck in the water tank if she went to hide there. She was cautious pressing the elevator buttons and looking outside, so either there was someone following her or she was delusional and got locked in. I'm not sure how long it takes a body to decompose in water, so I would probably look into that as well.
  7. Dayum some of the guests drank that water.. gross :/
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  8. Obviously....aliens

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  9. If she is bipolar it seems pretty obvious she was just having some sort of episode. What was she doing at the hotel? Was she a guest there?
  10. That woman was a nutcase.

    Speaking of unresolved mysteries, what about Zodiac Killer? I saw the movie few years ago, it gave me chills down the spine. I might rewatch it.
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  11. The box office shit? Well done movie, swiss cheese.
    You'd have to read more into it. I think she was having an episode also.

    She was a canadian visiting solo for some reason, but had mentioned she was being followed (could be either way...but..) in the days leading up to it. She met some dude, but he is nowhere to be heard from. She was missing for I think 2 weeks, found in the water tank at this shithole and once the video leaked it went viral.

    There is nothing cemented in, as you can see from the picture above in this thread, opening a water tank lid and crawling in at her height and size would have been a task. The video has some skips in it, and for some reason there is no camera given for the rooftop camera. (door going onto the roof or even that floor from against the door)
  12. The kind of paranoia that makes a person believe they're being followed or stalked is a symptom of bipolarity. So yeah, it's plausible that in her weird state of mind, she was trying to hide from someone by hopping into the water tank and didn't even realize what she was doing.

    But even then, why remove her clothes beforehand? Because she was found naked in the tank. And where did her cell phone go? It was never recovered to my knowledge and somebody even updated her blog for her several months after she had died.

    The identity of the Zodiac Killer is another thing I'm fascinated by. Especially since three out of the four encoded letters he sent have still never been cracked to this day.
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  13. I'm the Zodiac Killer
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  14. I'm sure he would have already been caught if that were the case. :pity2:
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