WrestleMania The Streak *SPOILER*

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jonathan, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. There's numerous reports recently that it will be for the third time be Undertaker vs HHH at WM 28 (Yawn)

    However, it's rumoured to be Streak vs Career w/Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee.

    I for one like the idea of Shawn+Streak vs Career but I don't want to see HHH for the third time.

    I think Jericho would be awesome, or even Orton. There match at WM 21 was brilliant and Orton has matured a lot since then.

    And for the record, the streak will never be beaten. Ever.
  2. Agreed, it won't be beaten. Don't want to see HHH again, really don't want to. Orton, Jericho or Kane would be the ones I'd settle for (especially Jericho or Orton). Then next year Taker vs Cena.
  3. Hell no.
    Taker vs Cena, no thank you.
    Cena would have to carry Taker simply because of his age and Cena can't wrestle for shit, so yeah.

    However reports link Jericho to CM Punk+Return on 2/1/12 with a WWE title going into Mania so I don't see Jericho.

    Either Kane or Orton :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Cena actually isn't as bad as he looks, I mean he's had some classics. The match wouldn't need to be good though. It's the 2 biggest stars in the company going at it, and it'll be the biggest threat to his streak. It'll draw like hell too. Cena vs HBK 07, epic!
  5. Cena vs Taker would be like Rock vs Hogan the crowd would carry it. It would never be considered a purists match but the atmosphere would make it. I hope HHH doesn't get a third attempt I'm not a fan of repeats on the streak it discredits it slightly for me. If i was booking I'd have Taker stay away. I want his 20th match to be a milestone not over shadowed by the Rock vs Cena.
  6. Agreed yet again. I've said it to people I know too, I'd leave Taker off. Straight away after mania hint at his return (it'll be more special then too, since many expect his return before this mania). Then a month later, another hint. Lights going off. Stuff disappearing. Writing on walls. It'll be "It begins" all over again, but this time no one would be pissed off if it was Taker. Then half way through the year, the weird events are more focused around Cena. Bam, November/December/January after serious build up he returns to confront Cena.

    Something like that. I'd love his 20th to be a win vs Cena. Will be such a big match. It'll draw aswell. I'll definitely miss Taker though this year, WM won't quite be the same without him (if he does indeed miss it).
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