WrestleMania The Streak Vs. The Beast Result

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  1. As we all know, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker's legendary streak tonight on WrestleMania. So what are your thoughts on the outcome of the match? Are you happy that Lesnar ended the streak? If not, who would you want to beat the streak? Also, what does this say about the Sting rumors?

    I'm guessing Sting's interaction with The Undertaker will happen tomorrow on RAW as it's obvious he'll have some shape or form of a sendoff.
  2. If taker would have won, you really wouldn't have remembered the match. Well, you still won't remember the match because it was methodical at best. The only thing we will remember is the finish, and for that WWE made a moment. Love it or hate it, there is no right way to look at it.
  3. Hated it, Danny said he's making the Fuck Bork Chop Club, not sure when.
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  4. Much to the chagrin of everyone else, I liked seeing Brock win.
  5. Thank You, Taker.
  6. I am so fucking happy that Brock won
  7. Doesn't bother me one way or the other, but I thought it was lame to have the streak end on such a shitty match. Taker was clearly done, so he wanted to go out on his back, which doesn't mean what most pervs probably jumped to but the old school line of thinking is a dude retiring should never win.

    My hope is this means WWE re-invests into Brock and somehow he becomes WWE champ and works more dates.
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  8. I was/am just confused. Not really sure what to make of it. Though, at least now Takers legacy won't JUST be the streak (not to say it was, most seem to focus on nowadays).
  9. It really did just seem like "huh?" and not in a good way like "ohhh swerve they got me!" but like... why? and after that build where Brock basically came off like a puss the entire time lol.
  10. Honestly, WWE built Takers legend off of the streak, to see it go down is sad.

    Bork Chop, i still don't see WWE's thinking in ending the streak, it won't help much Brock won't grow anymore, a new over star could've done it and it would have been better. CM Punk would be cool, but even though CM Punk had a full career ( now lost) they give it to Bork Chop?

    WWE ended the single greatest WrestleMania attraction for nothing in return IMO.
  11. Tbh, Brock looked like a legitimate threat. But like, the build was crap, the match was crap, just a bad way to end the streak.
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  12. Didn't get this alert :harvey:

    But yeah, I was just "what"ing and staring at the screen. It just felt so random, lol.

    Pretty much agree with Punk's post above. Thought I'm not angry or anything, just bewildered
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  13. I imagine they built Brock as scared of Taker in order to have him be unleashed at the WM match, and in a sense he was, as he hit a ton of good punches and kicks that wore Taker down. In a similar way, it makes an ounce of sense.
  14. R.I.P The Streak 1991-2014
  15. I thought Brock's offense was completely neutered. Taker is a brittle old man and Lesnar was handling him with kid gloves. He didn't put a beating on him like he did Cena or HHH.
  16. The match was shit. The build was shit. Why Lesnar? Why didn't it main-event? Strikes me as a terrible decision but we'll see what explanation they have.

    They have a dilemma because no one wants to see Taker retire after that match but no one wants to see him wrestle again, it was that bad. Fuck Sting.
  17. Taker needs to retire now.
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  18. As I have read many other people saying and I agree with... WWE most likely had almost nothing to do with the outcome of the match.. Taker is ready to retire, he wanted Brock to end his streak, they decided it was time... and now it's done. Thank you Taker for some awesome memories, including the last one tonight!
  19. He needs to go back in time and retire after beating Punk last year and spare us all the match we just witnessed tonight.
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  20. Brock Lesnar is officially the greatest professional wrestler in the world
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