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  1. It may be just a rumor, but somewhere it says that undertaker doesn't want to retire with the streak intact, and since this year it's most likely his last match in a WWE ring, this could also be the year in which taker will have the streak broken. do you really think he's gonna trash the work and sacrifice of two decades in one single night or will it be 20-0?
  2. I think his final years has come the guy has shaved his hair and is taking long vacations. This is possibly his final year because Triple H is the only one who can kill his streak and we all know that they are both going to WM for a rematch.
  3. If he doesn't retire with the streak in-tact then that's stupidity.
  4. Many stories are going around, I hope that they will reveal the match in a couple of weeks, so everybody can talk about that, instead of letting everyone in doubt.
  5. No way would they waste the streak on a guy who has already lost twice. I just can't believe that, if it does happen, I'd be so so pissed off. If he's ever to lose the streak, it should be to and up-and-coming heel, it'd set their career alight.
  6. I believe The Streak will not end. Hopefully they make the Hell in a Cell match between Taker and Trips on Mania.
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  7. I don't even think an upcoming heel should break the streak. There's no doubt that the streak should never be broken.
  8. That's one of the most debated topics, I wouldn't mind either way. It could put a guy over for the rest of his career.
  9. Would you rather have a legacy of 20-0 undefeated streak or would you rather see a superstar's career being made?

    I for one, would rather have the legacy live on. The legacy will be talked about forever, whereas someones career, not really. I'd rather have the 20-0 legacy.
  10. Depends who the superstar is. Imagine Barrett cutting promo's after ending the streak. WWE need some massive stars, this means the current massive stars putting them over. Doesn't happen enough.
  11. So he loses... then he regrets it 10 years later cause you can't erase it from the record

    It's normal for a guy to show humility and pass the torch, but he'll regret it if he does
  12. I doubt he cares about wins or losses. It seems to be more of a respect deal with him.
  13. So far like many people, I believe that we will indeed see a Undertaker vs Triple H round 3 at Wrestlemania this year. Personally though, I would love to see a Undertaker vs Randy Orton match for the Streak at Wrestlemania. Storyline wise right now, it will be a right move to have Undertaker vs Triple H for the Streak.
  14. Man! I wanted Taker Vs. Kane in a "Wig Vs. Wig" match. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  15. I wanted to see a Kane vs Taker match for the streak in a buried alive match. They both get buried then all of a sudden takers hand comes out of the grave and he manages to crawl out of the sand/grave and wins the match. 20-0. It'd be really entertaining at WrestleMania.
  16. LOL

    as for the streak if its HHH vs Taker I pray to god he ends undefeated. I wouldn't mind the streak ending however if it was to put over a up and coming heel imo Barrett would be perfect as @[Crayo] says.
  17. The worse thing that could happen to Barrett if he broke it would be he would become a career heel

    IF that's the worse thing, bring it on, cause that's basically what he is anyways
  18. If anything, yes Wade Barrett. But, I'd never want his streak to end.
  19. im like 70-30 in the streaks favour but just discussing alternatives and Barrett would be my man to go over Taker due to the fact i truly feel he could make the most of the heat he would then draw as a heel snd go onto something that I see in time becoming legendary! However as i say im 70-30 in favour of Taker staying undefeated!
  20. The thing with the streak is.. WWF/E has let it define him.

    The undertaker is one of the most respected men in all of professional wrestling. The guy has been a part of some of some of the most memorable moments, bar none.

    Wrestling is *gasp* scripted as we all know, so if the streak ends it ends. True it will look tarnished with a blemish of a loss. But it shouldn't take away from what the undertaker has given to the industry. Take the rock for example.. One of the absolute best of all time.. The guy has lost quite a few matches, but is still in the same breath with the all time greats.

    I've heard it said a few times that he wanted to "pass the torch" so to speak and lose and Mania.. I actually thought Orton had a chance to end it.. Remember the choke slam/reversed into the rko? that was sick. HHH should not end it. I'm fearful that their matches are getting worse. WM 17 match was awesome.

    But I agree. If Taker was to loose, it should be to an up-and comer. The WWE needs more than ever to create new young believable talent. Takers' last two matches with shawn were absolutely incredible.. I recently rewatched them to remember how epic they were.
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