The Streak

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by TheWUKMaster, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. In 2014 the undertaker lost to brock lesner in a match at wrestlemaina 30 making the undertakers streak 21-1 but we have set the undertaker a challenge to beat every superstar in the wwe roster

    Show is on every saturday at 8pm

    Episode 1 : Mankind
    Episode 2 : TBA

    Everytime the undertaker wins a match YT$500 will go to.him

    You can play too message me to play and you will be added
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  2. how many threads are you going to create?
  3. Ok this is not even on btb
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  4. Whether it's a BTB or not, it's a thread. And you keep making them, and you never do them. You should stop if you're never going to do them.
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