The Sullivan Debate

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Should Sullivan be Interrogated?

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    Please just answer the poll
  2. Can we keep the broken Chris Benoit-related conspiracy theories on Youtube where they belong thanks?

    "cris benit is incent fums up if u agre"
  3. This is for people interested in Benoit and the tragedy, you don't have to come and say to take this debate elsewhere, this is for people who care, thank you

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  4. Buddy if you want to have bs polls like this, at least link a video or some sources for your business.

    No, Sullivan didn't kill him.
  5. Sullivan at the time was a broken down, drunken wreck who couldn't even walk. I doubt he had the capability to kill a man like Benoit.
  6. If Sullivan was gonna enact revenge on Benoit for 'stealing' his woman, why would he wait ten years to do it? I can only imagine how angry one must get when their wife/girlfriend leaves them for another man (especially for Sullivan to make even a passing remark about how he wanted to kill Benoit over it) but as with all people who have had wives/girlfriends leave them for another man, he would have calmed down overtime.

    Also, to my knowledge he was never confirmed to be a Satanist. It's all gossip and rumors (in a business that is full of them) based off the fact that he once had a devil-worshiping gimmick that he supposedly got too invested in. Even if he were a card carrying member of Satanism, that doesn't automatically indicate that he is anymore capable or prone to committing violent acts than anyone else is.
  7. The other Benoit thread was not enough for you to spout your nonsense op?
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  8. Can you please close this thread?