THE summer 2012 song

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Jose Tortilla, May 26, 2012.

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  1. *le me listening to this song:


    ? Higher than a motherfucker! ?
  2. I was just listening to it. Catchy as hell if over produced like most mainstream pop. Does not take away from that it is a good song. The remixes will be dope most likely.
  3. Yeah man, agreed. I hear it on the radio at work, just stucked to it. Listening to it for 30 minutes now. So awesome. She's pretty good looking too, if she would drop some of her weird costumes..
  4. Oh yeah. Nikki Minaj without the black Lady Gaga gimmick going on is total fap material. :otunga:
  5. Indeed..


    :gusta: :tyson:

  6. ...Yummy.... :gusta: We need a Jerry Lawler smilie for threads like this.
  7. Crayo won't add one, already suggested it.

    He hates King's guts.
  8. You like that big ass. :dawg:
  9. Who doesn't? :boss:
  10. :gusta: Mmmm Dat ass [​IMG] :tyson:
  11. Nice.. She would get it sooo bad..
  12. You know they said her ass isn't as big in real life as it seems in pictures and videos. :burns:
  13. Who cares? I never saw her in real life!

    SCORE! :boss1:
  14. But you want to. :haha:
  15. Sure why not?
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