The Summer Slam 50!

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  1. The Summer Slam 50!


    To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WWE's most sizzling spectacular, 'WWE Magazine' counted down the most outrageous, shocking and all-around awesome moments in its history in one definitive list. So slather on some SPF and read on...

    #48: Razor Grabs Gold: August 29, 1994 With NFL Hall of Fame running back "Sweetness" Walter Payton in his corner, The Bad Guy was able to concentrate solely on Big Daddy Cool, and not worry about the meddlesome HBK at ringside. Michaels briefly got a jump on Payton and scrambled to the ring, where a misplaced Superkick leveled Diesel instead of Razor. Ramon was able to score the pin, and celebrate with one of the gridiron's greatest!

    #30: Thunder of the Gods: August 28,1989With a lazy eye, shaved head emblazoned with a gigantic "Z," and his massive physique, Zeus—the villainous star ofNo Holds Barred—earned the "Human Wrecking Machine" moniker that announcers gave him. Stepping into the ring with this chest-beating, shouting monster was like punching a ticket to you own funeral. Zeus was king of the wrestling ring in the summer of 1989 for good reason.

    #14: Summer of Punk: August 14, 2011It's hard enough for a Superstar to contest one "Match of the year" candidate, but to do so in consecutive pay-per-views with the same opponent is a special accomplishment. CM Punk's return bout against John Cena for the Undisputed WWE Title at 2011'sSummerSlam had all the excitement and action of their contest atMoney in the Bank. A surprise return from Kevin Nash, and a successful MITB cash-in by Alberto Del Rio, capped the already memorable evening.

    #6: Twin 'Takers!: August 29, 1994 After being stuffed in a casket and set ablaze, Undertaker remained unseen for months. Fans questioned his where-abouts, until The Million Dollar Man claimed to have found him, and bought his services from the dark side. Paul Bearer cried foul, claiming that he, too, had found the real Undertaker. So, in a never-before, never-since-seen showdown, two Undertakers stood face-to-face inSummerSlam's main event! Ultimately, Paul Bearer's Deadman was victorious, vanquishing DiBiase's imposter back to the darkness.

    To see all of the Top 50, including what stole the show, pick-up the September issue of 'WWE Magazine' or SUBSCRIBE HERE and save 70% off the cover price.

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