The Supreme court has banned unwarranted taps on your cell phone's as of today.

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    Check out the story, it's a great step forward for us as a nation. No more reasons to sign up for burner phones as Mickey Mouse to ensure some jerkoff isn't invading your privacy like a voyeur doucher. Here's to hoping things like this based on morals continue.
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  2. Ah of course, they're now just going to stop secretly and illegally invading your privacy because a court said they couldn't. I'm sure they won't continue to secretly invade your privacy, until the next whistleblower, when they'll then stop invading your privacy, honest.
  3. Eurofag. Go back outside and stare at the camera's pointed all around every city block you walk.
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  4. That's ironic :dawg: - I actually don't even know where the closest CCTV camera is near me apart from in stores.
  5. You must live in a nice spot. How is that Ironic? There are no CCTV deals anywhere near where I am, we can still conceal and carry, and I live in top 10 places in America.

    This gives a defense for you when you hire an attorney after they illegally wire tap. I know you don't get how that works out since you haven't been around or involved in anything illegal, but this makes that kind of BS get thrown out of court buddy.
  6. This 100% will not stop illegal wiretapping and 100% will not stop that evidence being used against you in court.
  7. Thanks, I had no idea. My attorney might disagree.

    I know you're 16 max, do you know how the court system in America even works bro? Inadmissible evidence is a term you might need to look up.
  8. Of course, because there's never been convictions where evidence was gather illegaly, nope.
  9. Hit me with 3 convictions based on falsified evidence. I'll give you 10 thrown out of court for it after.
  10. Jonathan being a dipshit ITT, but the most disappointing thing is his continual botching of the word irony. Fucking dick head.
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  11. inb4 still being watched
  12. I was hoping you'd show up to take the truth's side. It didn't have to even be mine
    But is still admissible in court. You know what that word means, right?
  13. I sincerely wonder if jono read past the first paragraph.

    US Supreme court bans unwarranted tapes. On another note, they deny it to help in courts. - The Onion wouldnt write that trash.

    Do people not realize sincerely it means that not only are cases being tried now, but cases convicted in the past will be filing for a civil justice on the situation involved? The only reason they can do it is based on the patriot act, and that means declaring your brother in justice alone with his defendant are working for a terrorist organization.

    Someone get Jono some water, his bitch ass can't breathe unless he is 3 feet deep apparently.

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  15. Privacy every where is screwed. Lets not be stupids and pretend "Google Earth" doesn't exist. :pity:

    Well... I take that back. The government has their privacy. DAMN YOU AREA 51!!! :angry: :why: :upset:
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    lmfao, Aids, if you're interested i'll show you a program that *shows* every stroke you make on your p hone being saved to a database... forever. Spy, maybe they won't, maybe they aren't, but your information is saved forever. Every message, every call, everything.

    If you send texts about blowing up the white house, or any crazy shit, you will have someone knocking on your door. Try it out, let me know how it works. There is a documentary on it on netflix. Pretty crazy.

    Some dude said he was going to blow up LA(eurofag) What he meant was he was going to have a balling ass time. When he got to the u.s. they brought him into a room and kicked his ass out of the country. Shit's real.
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  17. That happens all the time. People from other countries talk about doing stuff here and they wave the process (to let them actually get a passport, tickets, ect.) and when they finally get here, they ban them from coming back and kick them out the same day. You have to have something you can offer for them to let stuff slide. Like that gangnam style dude... He talked about killing whites, blacks, ect. and dawged America but he was willing to work on par to the way "mainstream" music is done so they over looked his actions. American government spies are in every country pretty much. You say anything bad about the country they know.
  18. You nerds are missing the point. The point is they can't use this shit against you in court now.

    As someone who has been arrested and had shit that was on my phone used against me, I can say this is good news. It is total bullshit that cops were allowed to just casually go through your phone because they arrested you, and then use texts and calls as "evidence".
  19. I don't see the problem with them tapping your phones. They'll usually only have an interest in doing so if they think you're up to something illegal, and in that case, listening in on someone's phone conversations is a reliable way of obtaining evidence against them. I get the invasion of privacy issue, but still, if you're not breaking the law, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
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  20. you would have this boneheaded view. Invasion of privacy?? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE!! JUST LET THEM INVADE!!

    this goes beyond taps as well. Before if you were "under arrest" cops could just start flipping through your texts and shit, it was total nonsense. Now they need a warrant to do that.
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