Kayfabe The Switch of Life

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  1. *The camera shows a hospital room. Flowers and balloons are on display all with messages of “Get well soon.” The camera pans around to show Reginald laying asleep on a bed, bruises all over his face and hooked up to a life support machine. Buster is sitting head down next to Reg’s bed. He’s trying to hold back tears.*
    Buster Gates: Man... I wish you would wake up; this would make things so much easier. The doctors, they’ve told me that I need to make a decision on whether or not we should keep you on life support. By turning off the machine either you’ll breathe on your own, meaning that some of the tests have worked, or... Yeah...
    *Buster looks up at the ceiling.*
    Buster Gates: I don’t want to have to make that decision, but since you have no family, I’m the only person... And you are family to me. You’ve been family since I was born. My role model, the person I’ve looked up to all my life and I feel like I haven’t let you know that enough... I just... I wish I could go back in time and let you know how much you mean to me... I just need a sign, please, Reg... Anything. Let me know you’re still in there.
    *Buster looks at his injured friend, hoping to see anything at all, but Reginald stays motionless.*
    Buster Gates: I’ve heard stories that when people are in the same position as you they can hear everything that’s going on. I’m hoping you can hear me.
    *Buster grabs hold of Reginald’s hand.*
    Buster Gates: I think my earliest memory of you was maybe when I was two or three or something. I remember opening the door to the dining room and seeing a giant teddy bear sitting in my seat. I rushed over to it but tripped and you picked me up and sat me on the table so I could see how big it was. I remember you standing next to me, watching me with a smile on your face as I was delighted with this stupid teddy bear... It’s not even anything special. But it stuck with me and I remember it and I don’t even know why. To this day I still remember that look on your face. You were happy that I was happy... And I took that happiness and kindness for granted so much over these past years.
    *A doctor walks into the room.*
    Doctor: Have you made a decision yet, sir?
    Buster Gates: Give me a few more minutes.
    *The doctor nods and leaves the room. Buster sighs.*
    Buster Gates: You’ve kept me in line throughout my life, or you’ve tried to at least anyway.
    *Buster chuckles.*
    Buster Gates: Remember that time we went to Vienna? Damn... That group we ran into in the club, they were mocking you because you were wearing one of your fancy suits like you always do. You ignored them as best you could but I wasn’t having any of it. Me being mildly drunk stood up to them and you were holding me back saying they aren’t worth it and that I was there to have a good time. I punched one of them and we both ended up getting thrown out and I remember the car ride back to the hotel all you could keep saying is how I shouldn’t have done it... I never told you this before but when I first threw that punch I turned and saw you smile before you tried to separate everyone. You were happy for that second that I stood up for you and even then, you still tried to keep me right by telling me I shouldn’t have. You would’ve rather taken all the insults you were getting just so I could have a good time.
    *Buster leans back in his chair.*
    Buster Gates: Oh, and that one time in school when I shattered my right knee falling out of that tree when I was ten. You got the phone call from the headmaster and rushed over to the school before the ambulance arrived. I was crying and in pain and you told me that everything was going to be ok and to not worry. You said that I would come back stronger and you were right. All the kids mocked me for ages for walking with a limp, but look at me now! A former champion. You were the one who suggested wearing the knee brace when I wrestle and again you were right. That’s helped me out so much over the years. You’re always right... And for once I want to be able to tell you that everything is going to be ok and that you’ll come back stronger. But... I can’t even do that. I can’t promise you anything. I can’t promise you’re going to be ok. I can’t promise that you’ll come back stronger. I can’t even promise that you’ll live and I HATE the fact that I need to be the one to make the decision on whether we should turn your life support off. If I turn it off we’ll find out so much, and we’ll be able to see if you are beginning to get better. If I leave it on, you could be laying here for years without any change... Do I really want to rob you potentially years of your life just because I’m scared? Just because I’m too afraid to lose you? It’s so, so unfair...
    *Buster looks over to the life support machine. He sees the beep of Reginald’s heart pumping away, showing that for now he is still alive.*
    Buster Gates: You know, it’s funny. Last week I was in quite a state and you said you would find me a reason to fight. To carry on wrestling. In a sick sort of way you’ve done that. Last week I faced the undefeated Intercontinental Champion Joseph Diamond, and I beat him. I did what no-one else could do, and I beat him. I did that for you. And now this week I have a chance to enter the Elimination Chamber for the title. I’m going to win this qualifying match and then win back my Undisputed Championship just for you.
    *The doctor re-enters the room.*
    Buster Gates: Yeah, I know...
    Doctor: What’s your decision?
    Buster Gates: ... I’ve been trying to think what Reg would do for me. Would he want me laying here in potential pain for years without waking up, or would he risk it to see if I’m going to get better... It’s an impossible decision and it’s stupid. Why do they need to be the only options?
    Doctor: He’s been unresponsive all week. By doing this we’ll be able to see instantly how he really is.
    Buster Gates: Yeah...
    *Buster sighs and scratches his head.*
    Buster Gates: I need to turn off the machine. I think that’s what he would want. He wouldn’t want me coming and checking up on him if he just stayed in this state for months or years. I’ve got to do the right thing...
    *Buster stands up and walks over to the machine.*
    Doctor: If you’re sure, just press that switch.
    *Buster looks at the switch then back at Reginald. Tears begin to fill his eyes again.*
    Buster Gates: Reg... It’s going to be ok.
    *And with those words lingering in the air, Buster presses the switch and the machine turns off. Reginald's heart monitor flatlines.*
    *More doctors rush to the room and begin to use a defibrillator.*
    Doctor: CLEAR!
    *Reginald jumps but there is no response from his heart. The doctor begins rubbing the paddles together again.*
    Buster Gates: SAVE HIM!
    Doctor: CLEAR!
    *Again Reginald jumps but there is no response. The doctor begins chest compressions. Buster is weeping at this point.*
    Buster Gates: It’s going to be ok, Reg! You can do this...
    *Buster stands in the corner of the room, hands against his face as the doctors try to resuscitate him.*
    Buster Gates: It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be ok...
    *Time slows down for Buster and in those brief moments he remembers all the memories he has had with Reginald. From travelling to Mexico just to learn how to hit a hurricanrana, to losing his fortune in a casino, to celebrating with him after winning the Undisputed Championship. After seemingly forever, Reginald’s heart monitor finally beeps. His heart starts beating again. Buster drops to his knees as doctors look at each other relieved and begin leaving the room. Buster grabs the doctor who was doing the chest compressions by his robe.*
    Buster Gates: Thank you...
    *The doctor nods and walks out of the room. Buster stays on his knees until the room is empty. He is left alone with his friend, the battered, bruised, broken yet still alive Reginald. The camera fades to black.*
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