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They may have cut the lantern out of the YouTube version of his SummerSlam entrance, but another cool and scary element of Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick which debuted last Sunday is now available in full for your listening pleasure. And, you know, to make you feel kind of uncomfortable and wish it would stop at the same time you’re bashing your head to the sick “HURT/HEAL” refrain.

Along with that, and the discordant horror movie sound effects which have heralded The Fiend’s previous appearances to attack the likes of Mick Foley & Kurt Angle, we’ve also got Code Orange’s cover of Wyatt’s existing theme “Live In Fear”. In addition to just being a great version of that tune, it’s startling what a difference swapping in Reba Meyers’ vocals for Mark Crowzer’s makes. The samples of Bray’s Firefly FunHouse host apologizing at the end perfectly intertwine the whole act with the song.

Anyway, here’s “Let Me In”...

Yowie wowie indeed.

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