Battleground The Third Ever Punjabi Prison Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. Let us use this thread to discuss the match.

    It will probably be the best one ever, but i'm not saying that in a good way, because the last 2 were pretty bad.
  2. It's gonna be garbage.
  3. I can understand why WWE have gone for this match stipulation from a marketing point of view. It's the first Punjabi Prison match in 10 years, people will want to tune into Battleground just to be able to witness that out of curiosity. Not saying that everyone will but there will be a lot of people that will be curious to see this unfold live. Remember, for most of the younger and more casual viewers, this is the first time seeing the Punjabi Prison match, so it does make it opens up the possibility of a Corbin cash in due to it being a brutal style of match.
  4. I've never seen either of the earlier PP matches...but I have to ask one question...

    Why would Jinder insist on a match where his Singh Brother allies are removed
    from the equation? The Singh Brothers are the main reason he won and retained
    the he asks for a match where they can't be involved in any way?

    Wouldn't it have made more sense for Jinder to ask for a No DQ, Falls Count
    Anywhere match? Or even a 3 on 1 Handicap match?

    I'm just doesn't really make sense for Jinder to ask for this kind of

    I honestly don't care what kind of match they long as Jinder retains.
  5. With WWE trying to appeal to fans in India, they likely think using an Indian champion using a match named after an Indian town is a good thing.

    However, with the makeup of the cage, it comes across as a bit of an insult. Our cells are made out of steel (actually aluminum) but in Punjab, their prisons are made of what looks like bamboo. I dunno, its irritating to me.
  6. I hear you...but why not a "New Delhi" Street fight?
    I never thought of it like that...and I heard in one of the matches
    someone was actually thrown/driven through the bamboo cage
    to the outside and that's how they won.
  7. Can't say I'm hyped about it, but I don't remember Batista vs Khali being bad, so they might actually surprise us with this one. But I doubt it, since I don't really care about the feud.
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  8. I am definitely not arguing that they should do the Punjabi Prison match, I think it's stupid. They should do something like you mentioned :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Why shouldnt they?
  10. Clearly this will surpass whatever Khali did.
  11. I'm actually really excited for this match. I love the Punjabi Prison concept, and I'm hyped to see what'll happen when the participants aren't unmoving objects of mass

    Think about it, it's basically a steel cage and a hell in a cell at the same time, and sure there are weird rules like the four doors thing, but hell, it still sounds badass to me
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  12. I'm trying to figure out why people are saying the Singh Bros are removed from the equation here... As Jinder stressed it's a no DQ match and they showed very blatantly on Smackdown that the first obstacle can be climbed over and that the second obstacle is simply a small sliding door with no lock... they come out, knock out the ref or even all the refs surrounding the structure and when Randy asks for the door to be opened, guess what.... no refs there to open the door. He tries to get out, they attack him... he gets the upper hand they enter the ring and attack him.

    I think this is the prime opportunity for Orton to take out all 3, win the match... then Corbin comes out... with the Singh Bros eliminated by Orton and Jinder a heap just lying there Corbin easily cashes in. Feud between Orton and Mahal is finished, we get 1 match between Mahal and Corbin at the next PPV which Mahal loses... all the while the Nakamura/Corbin feud is gaining ground.

    Nakamura vs Corbin for the title soon after that.
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  13. I saw the fan theory that Jinder picking this stipulation works because the Singh Brothers are the only dudes little enough to fit through those holes in the side of the cages.

    Seriously, if that happens and the rest of the roster gets stuck trying to climb in it's the best finish.
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