Battleground The titles that SHOULD change hands

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jul 1, 2016.

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  1. Who would you have lose their title and who would it be to? This is based on your own opinion. There are 3 shows till Battleground so a lot can (or maybe wont) happen between now and then. The current champs are:

    Dean Ambrose - WWE Champ
    The Miz - Intercontinental Champ
    Charlotte - Women's Champ
    New Day - Tag Champs
    Rusev - US Champ

  2. Charlotte needs to :gtfo: . Give the title to Sasha.
    New Day needs to :gtfo: I don't really know what other tag teams there are, but New Day sucks.

    I'm fine with everyone else keeping their titles, I guess.
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  3. outside of Sasha winning the title - preferably at Summerslam JUST for that Brooklyn pop - the champions are fine right now
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  4. This.
  5. I want the wyatts to win the tag titles soon. But I agree that Sasha needs to win at battleground. I can see Dean possibly retaining and then a triple threat rematch at summerslam?
  6. Woods is probably going to be the reason that The New Day lose the belts. I assume he and Bray will be involved in something that is going to cost The New Day the titles.
    Also, by the time Battleground comes, they will have already broken Kendrick and London's record, so yeah, I think this is it, The Wyatts are taking the tag gold.

    Sasha won't win the title at Battleground, they're saving it for SummerSlam. She'll probably win via DQ or lose via shenanigans and thus set up a rematch at SummerSlam.

    Idk, man. All three members of the Shield could win, although something tells me Ambrose doesn't have a big chance at retaining the gold. I get the feeling he's a transitional champ.
    I really think it's going to come down 'tween Rollins and Reigns. Although, if Reigns ended up winning, the logic behind it would be pretty lame. "Hey, this guy got suspended for 30 days and now he's back, so let's award him with another WWE title reign."
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  7. I like Charlotte more than Sasha Banks, but I think her run with the title is losing steam. She shouldn't have won the title, in the first place. Sasha should win, but not at Battleground. SummerSlam is the best possible place for her to win the title.

    Other than that, I don't think anyone else should lose their titles at a C-PPV like Battleground.
  8. Charlotte should lose the title to Dana Brooke, after that pairing splits up. After Charlotte goes through Sasha, she should feud with Dana.

    Dean Ambrose should lose it to Roman Reigns when he returns.

    New Day should have dropped the titles to the Vaudevillians.
  9. Dana Brooke isn't over.

  10. Dean needs to keep the title until at least Summerslam just for good spirits, then let Seth win it back. Rusev needs to lose it to someone. Charlotte I like, only way I want her to lose the title is to Sasha, but that needs to be at Summerslam, and will be. Miz for sure needs it gone at battleground and I like the New Day keeping it until Summerslam. I would absolutely hate to waste Bray Wyatts talent on a wyatt family tag championship. WWE is destroying him....
  11. That's exactly why they should put the title on her, it will help get her over.. No reason to put it on the most over women in the company, that helps nobody.
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  12. Completely retarded.

    The worker makes the title, the title doesn't make the worker. It's basic booking.
  13. Clearly you don't know what titles are used for.. They're props to help get over talent.. just like Charlotte, she wasn't over when she won the title... Learn how things work, then come back to me.
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  14. Don't kid yourself. lmao

    Titles are used to clearly define who plays what role. It's built up over time, and is used to symbolize the top draw and the person who is mean't to draw crowds. A title can only do that if, it's handed to the most over/popular wrestlers because they're going to draw. Giving a title to someone who isn't a draw sinks the meaning of a title, and diminishes future importance for other stars and is virtually breaking the only sole reason for a title. If a jobber wins a title, it will mean significantly less than if someone who is over, wins.

    Workers get the title over, so the cycle of wrestling can continue. The title helps solidify a worker, but the title should never be used, for the sole purpose, of putting over talent that isn't over already.
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  15. ...*ahem*

    As the unofficial forum spokesperson for the Dana Brooke fan club, allow me to opine here...

    Fuck outta here with that
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  16. Just get the title off Miz finally.... I don't get why he has to get such long reigns
  17. Because Miz is a good heel and his title reigns are usually entertaining, in my book. Plus, the dude knows how to get heat from the crowd and even though he isn't a 5-star worker, he gets the job done in the ring.

    I want Miz to hold on to the IC title just for a little longer, get a bit more heat and then drop the title at SummerSlam... Hopefully to Cesaro.
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  18. I am predicting that the New Day will lose the tag team championship to the Wyatt's and Rusev will lose the US Title to Titus. All other belts will remain with current holders until SS.
  19. I'm tired of Miz, New Day and Charlotte. I'd prefer Ambrose keep the World title and I'm indifferent to the US title.

    Only main roster tag team that I really like is Enzo and Cass, but I really don't want them to have the belts right now. Having them chasing the title while getting bogged down in an occasional feud... then after a time have them FINALLY win the belts will be better.

    I really think Cesaro deserves an IC reign but we're unlikely to see it. Growing up, it tended to be the IC title matches that were better to watch than the world title matches and I'd be okay having Cesaro fill that role. I assume it'll be someone else though.

    Sasha Banks over Charlotte.
  20. As things stand at this very moment, Friday evening, three days before the draft and just about a week before the PPV, my take is this:

    - Ambrose retains. There is no reason whatsoever for Ambrose to drop the belt and I can't imagine WWE being that ignorant (let alone stupid) to give it back to Roman Reigns immediately following his return. In my opinion, the fact that Ambrose cut one of his strongest promos (if not the best) yet this past Monday to me suggests that WWE are actually looking to let Ambrose run with it for just a bit longer, at least another month where perhaps they can do a one on one with him and Rollins...

    - Rusev retains. To me, a no brainer. No desrespect to Ryder, but they haven't been building Rusev back to being a monster again to have him lose to freakin Ryder.

    - Charlotte ain't defending anyway and this tag match announced for Battleground is just a clear indication that WWE are saving that big moment for Summerslam, where she finally drops it to Sasha. Been calling it for a few months now and it really ain't rocket science...

    - New Day ain't defending either and, once more, I'll just repeat what I wrote a couple months back, about them carrying the gold till Summerslam where they will eventually drop it to Enzo and Cass. Now, perhaps WWE are going a different direction given that the Wyatts are now in the picture whereas Enzo and Cass are occupied in another feud but either way, once the record is broken, there is no doubt that the New Day are dropping them and I wouldn't be surprised if they break the team up afterwards...

    This brings us to the Miz and the IC belt, which I feel is the only title change bound to happen at Battleground. For one, I've pretty much eliminated any other options above and, quite frankly, I don't think they gave Darren Young the Battle Royal win for nothing. Granted, they could always play the card that maybe he messes up and loses, that he wasn't properly prepared and whatnot but....nah, it makes more sense to me for Young to win the belt and run with it...
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