TLC The TLC Drinking game

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Dec 13, 2015.

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  1. As described from What Culture the rules are as followed:

    Chair shot: Drink
    Table breaks: Drink
    Ladder shot: Drink
    Commentator mention of Ric Flair: Drink
    Commentator mention of the Lunatic Fringe: Drink
    Big E gets jitty: Drink
    Return: Down one
    Heel or Face Turn: Down one
    What Culture signs in the crowd: Down one

    Beer is optional, you don't even have to watch, someone can just post when to in the forum chat.

    Your drinks of choice:
    Milk (as said by @Solidus )
    Coffee (NO DECAF, my choice)
    Radish Juice (or any other disgusting vegie juice)

    Energy drinks not advised since you can probably die using those from an event like this lol

    I got plenty of extra keruigs for this, have fun boys
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  2. Something tells me I might watch a stream now for this XD
  3. The goal of this game is to get shitfaced (if you're drinking beer for instance), right?
  4. Looks like I'll need to grab two 6 packs :finger:
  5. Every time Charlotte mentions that she's a Flair: Drink
  6. Well, hopefully she won't have to speak. At all. :smirk2:
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  7. I'm definitely going to get fucked up
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  8. I'll probably be asleep, too tired.
  9. Yeah. Not like it's a must-see show anyway.
  10. If a title changes hands: Down one
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  11. Any time Michael Cole tries to get a catchphrase or brand name over that'll never stick in a million years: Drink

    "It's the Destruction Derby of the WWE!" Glugglugglug
  12. *Demolition Derby
  13. Down a drink when commentary just ignores the match, that'll get you blacked out pretty quickly
  14. drink a drink when someone drinks a drink
  15. But JBL, Maggle and King never do that! :booker2:
  16. TWO! .....take a drink.
  17. I dont think even I could live through this drinking game.
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