The TNA faction/stable directory.

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  1. It's well known TNA has had more than their fair of faction/stables over their 12 year history. Our goal now is to name them all.
    Here is 10 to start you off...

    • Aces & 8s
    • Immortal
    • World Elite
    • Fortune
    • Main Event Mafia
    • EGO
    • Team Canada
    • The Beautiful People
    • S.E.X
    • Team Dixie
    A Faction/Stable is a group with 3 or more members (Tag teams with managers count), go!
  2. Rock and Rave Infection (Hemme, Jimmy Rave and Lance Rock)
    Angle Alliance
    Planet Jarrett
    Christian Coalition
    3 live Kru
    AMW had Kim as their manager for a while also I think ( I remember her with them vs the Pheomenal Angels)
    The Front Line
    WTF did Nash, Hall and Waltman call themselves when Hulk came in?
  3. Which was followed by the famous 4Live Kru.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The Band?
  6. Yep that was it. Jeez that was horrid.
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  7. Wasn't there that stable with AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Primetime? I know their name had an X in it :hmm:
  8. Triple X??
  9. There was the British Invasion when Rob Terry was in it... iirc the Nasty Boys had a manager when they were in TNA, not sure since those idiots have been a repressed memory... Mexican America and Ink, Inc for a little while... do Chavo and Hernandez count with the ghost of Eddie always looming over them?
  10. The Prince Justice Brotherhood was boss.
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