The TNA Gut check challenge is back

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    TNA has restarted the Gut Check Challenge with a better voting system they claim (the old one was spammed to a cold, dark grave by bots.)

    You can find the participants and voting here.

    People who are gone from it now:
    Some of the scum who botted the old one.
    Sami Callihan
    Luke Hawx
    Sugar Dunkerton (fuck you TNA. Fuck you).

    So go check out the profiles and vote for those you feel should have chances on Gut check.
  2. Very cool; thanks for the info! Going to check it out.
  3. Voting doesn't start until April 4. :okay: Bookmarked the page and went ahead and registered to vote so I'll be ready for bracket one when it opens.
  4. :no:

    fuck you gut check. Thank you for Joey Ryan now gtfo and stfo
  5. I like how does BAD BONES JOHN KLINGER looks
  6. :finger::finger::finger:
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  7. This is a MUCH better concept now, loving it. About Dunkerton, he might be signed already, who knows.

    Too bad Sami isn't in anymore. And LMAO @ Lionheart, what a spineless tool. 1st he claims he retires, then bashes TNA, but STILL participates in this.
  9. Could be like last time. That they just picked people off of the list of former participants in seminars and didn't double check it with everyone. I remember that a lot of people on the last list sent out not to vote for them since they weren't even participating or had been asked if they wanted to (Luke Hawx is the one I remember. Callihan just didn't say anything about it as well so I think he probably wasn't interested either since he normally likes to tweet about everything going on with him.)
  10. :gtfo:
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  11. Thank you for your remarkable input!
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  12. But it's not like last time. All of the issues have been dealt with, and you can see that by the # of participants as your major clue.
  13. Oy, had to get to page 4 to find this. Anyway, here's your friendly reminder that as of today voting is now open for bracket one!
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  14. Thanks for the reminder :otunga:
  15. You're welcome. :testify: John Klinger is in the lead right now.
  16. Sad thing is he actually has a good video package. :testify: (El Generico! :yay: )

    Oh, and yeah, apparently he is aware of this and is supporting it, so that answers that question.
  17. :neymar2: fine
  18. Voting for that douchebag Lionheart in Brakcet 1. :testify:
  19. :haha: I did the same.
    Besides, his video pumped me up.
  20. "Bad Bones" John Klinger has won bracket 1 of the Gutcheck competition. The complete rankings are below:


    Now on to vote on Bracket 2! :testify:
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