The Toonami Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Anyone remember it? It was good shit. I think CN still airs it on Wednesday. I still get the same type of feeling as I used to get 6 years ago. It was awesome with shows like DBZ, Zatch Bell, One Piece.
  2. It airs in lieu of Adult Swim on Saturdays, not on Wenesday's on Cartoon Network.

    Anyway, I absolutely love Toonami, though admittedly I haven't watched in months. But Toonami is my childhood. It set the foundation for my two biggest loves of entertainment today. Anime with Dragon Ball Z & Yu Yu Hakusho and Batman with The Animated Series & Beyond. It's revival is even the reason why I started watching a bunch of animes. I absolutely love it.

    What made Toonami so special from every other programming block was the bumpers were something extra. Whether it be a game review, or even it's own storyline. One of my earliest tv watching memories was that whole blob story they did which lead to TOM getting his second body (and new VA too). Plus, The Absolution was a bad-ass ship and SARA was great too.

    That whole TOM IV random shift with no more Absolution/SARA, a new cast, with no explanations whatsoever and such pissed me off, and every second I watched of it was a hit right in the childhood (I kept watching because it still had shows I was watching).
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