The Top 10 Biggest Stars of All Time

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  1. Title says it all, should be an epic discussion.
    Who would you say are the top 10 biggest stars in pro wrestling history?
  2. My Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers of All Time

    1. Randy Savage
    2. Stone Cold
    3. Undertaker
    4. Hulk Hoagn
    5. Shawn Michaels
    6. Goldberg
    7. The Rock
    8. Triple H
    9. Bret Hart
    10. Kane
  3. Solely on star power in their prime in North American wrestling :
    1. Hogan
    2. Austin
    3. Rock
    4. Cena
    5. Taker
    6. Flair
    7. HHH
    8. Andre
    9. Savage
    10. Bruno Sammortino
  4. Hogan
    Undertaker? Triple H? Not sure on who I'd put to round out the top 10
    1. Austin
    2. Rock
    3. Hogan
    4. Cena
    5. Taker
    6. HBK
    7. Piper
    8. Andre
    9. Savage
    10. HHH
  5. Ric Flair
  6. Lesnar has to be on the list. From the time he failed to make the NFL and was all over sports shows for that to his run as UFC Heavyweight champion, I think to the average person on the streets his name is much more recognizable than a Triple H or Shawn Michaels
  7. I never found Lesnar to be that big of a wrestling star tbh.
  8. Are we isolating this to how big of stars they were as wrestlers? I was taking all things into consideration in the business and outside of the business. obviously Hogan and Rock are the two biggest because they've had more exposure from Hollywood. Much like Lesnar got tons of exposure from his failed NFL follies and UFC exploits
  9. I was judging from strictly there WWE periods. In which I don't see how Austin can be 4th, but now you've explained it.
  10. That's up to you guys. When Brock Lesnar is brought up his WWE past comes up quite a bit, and he was THE top guy for a good chunk of time as they were building Cena, Orton, Batista, and Edge. Either side is defendable, while he was in WWE he was far from a house hold name.

    No love for Warrior? And it's painful to see Michaels left out of so many...
  11. My list wasn't really in order, just as they came to mind
  12. Hogan is #1 and Austin #2. Past that, it's hard to say who can get ranked in what order. It really depends on a lot of factors (drawin gpower, impact on the business, legacy, etc.) and it's hard to quantify and get an exact answer. But I'm certain that Rock, Undertaker, Cena, Andre and Savage would all be on there somewhere.
  13. In your opinion.
  14. Hogan being #1 isn't even a question. If you went up to 1,000 people on the street and asked them to name a wrestler 999 would name Hogan.
  15. No they wouldn't, they'd say Cena now. Don't be ignorant, of course it's a question. The majority will say Austin is #1 I can almost guarantee that but it's still up for grabs, it's an opinionated poll.
  16. You are fooling yourself Crayo. Cena isn't a huge name outside of wrestling fans, Hogan is.
  17. Honestly, more people recognize the Rock than anyone else. He was a big star in the biggest era, and had more sex appeal and non-wrestling fan appeal than Austin.
  18. I agree Draine. If anyone can touch Hogan it's Rock.
  19. Now'adays no one would know who Hulk Hogan is. Not the younger generation anwyay >18

    John Cena is a global star, even outside of wrestling (in US more so). Not saying he's more popular than Hogan was obviously, and now it's obviously Rock who's the biggest (and has surpassed Hogan imo).

    But out of this list and strictly wrestling, Austin > All.
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