The Top 10 Matches of 2014

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Jul 18, 2014.

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    Cool list. My top 3 fav matches:
    - Bryan vs. HHH
    - Shield vs. Wyatts
    - Zayn vs. Cesaro
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  2. Great list. Kudos, to not limiting themselves to the flagship.
  3. I was looking through the top ten and I first I didn't see it and I was like Shield vs Wyatts better be somewhere on this list. Turns out they were number one. Yay. :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Charlotte vs Natalya was a delight to watch, and made me have a little more faith on the future of the division.
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  5. I didn't think The Shield vs The Wyatts was all that. The novelty of seeing them finally face off in the ring might have had a lot of people excited for it, but the actual match itself was just a normal tag team match until the end.

    I vote (in no order) Bryan vs HHH at Wrestlemania, Cena vs Wyatt at Payback (Last Man Standing match) and Bryan vs Wyatt at the Rumble as my personal top three.
  6. Nah. Everyone was hyped for the novelty of The Shield vs. Evolution too, but both matches were kind of lacklustre and they were nothing in comparison to Shield vs. Wyatts. Re-watch it, awesome match.
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  7. Actually, the triple threat at WM 30 is rated too high.
  8. Orton/Dick Butt/Batista was dog shit lol
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  9. Replace Orton with a retarded turtle and the match would be 4 stars
    Replace Bryan with 2003 Bryan Danielson and the match would be 5 stars
    Replace Batista with Bluetista and the match would go back down to -1 star.
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