The top heel of the future.

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  1. A lot of the IWC like to discuss who is going to replace Cena as the #1 face of the company, but let's do the opposite. CM Punk is currently the top heel by far, but who will replace him when HE leaves which - if you believe what he says - is sooner than most of us think.

    Unlike faces, WWE I think has a very bright future with its heels. Wade Barrett has the potential to be the next heel HHH, Ambrose reminds me so much of Piper, both of those will be guaranteed mega-heels in my opinion.
  2. My vote is for Ambrose, brawler who is good on the mic.
  3. Don't see much of piper in Ambrose tbh, he's more Raven.... Anyway yeah you have Ambrose, Clay, Wade, Drew and Ohno who have the potential to fulfill the role.
  4. Randy Orton baby!
  5. Ambrose would be a good choice. If booked right Wade Barrett could also have a good chance of being the top heel.
  6. I actually think Ryback can be such a good heel.
  7. Agree with all apart from Drew.
  8. I'm actually thinking Cesaro will be able to get some heat. I'd go with him
  9. Ambrose -Cesaro
  10. Re: RE: The top heel of the future.

    Most people will probably think I've gone senile with that one but he has that awesome aggressive streak which reminds me of 2000 HHH so much.
  11. Oh yeah I think Cesaro too.
  12. How could you forget about our savior! :sandow:
  13. Who is your savior?!? Punk?!
  14. :SANDOW:
  15. Sandow?!?!
  16. Re: RE: The top heel of the future.

    Intellectual saviour of the masses.
  17. I have a bad feeling they're going to use Sandow like the original Ted DiBiase. He'll challenge for a world title, but never quite get one. It's just a hunch, I hope I'm wrong.
  18. Cesaro is already on his way up to the main event in my opinion and if he can learn how to utilize that mic to full capacity we've already found our next top heel. I could also see Cody Rhodes in that role as well.
  19. Lots of possibilities... Sandow, Rhodes, Cesaro, Ohno, Ambrose, Barrett, maybe Bray Wyatt, Brodus Clay or even Randy Orton, he'll still be around for a while.
  20. DZ, Cesaro, or Rhodes.
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