The transition from Hollywood Blonde to Stone Cold

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  1. Every knows the legendary career of Stone Cold Steve Austin but does anyone know how he transitioned from this :

    into this :


    A quick idea into the Hollywood blondes style

    Steamboat vs Austin great match he was much more then the brawler he was in later years.

    Here is the final title win from Austin , his second US title reign won from Dustin Rhodes. Goldust for anyone who doesn't know.

    Not bad right but not the bad ass attitude we know and love right? It took a major career change for Austin to unleash his true promo aggression. That change came from an Eric Bischoff phone call. I'll let Steve tell the story :

    See that passion? That's the Steve Austin we know and love right?
    His anger at WCW's higher continued with many mocking sketches :

    Including a shot at Hogan :

    And a shot at Bischoff :

    That attitude carried on

    Can anyone else see the similarities between the later Austin and this? ECW gave birth to attitude Vince McMahon just raised it.

    Then Austin moved onto the WWF becoming the next million dollar champion as the ringmaster but it wasn't until 1996 at the king of the ring PPV that the attitude shown in ECW was brought to a mainstream audience. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the legendary birth of Austin 3:16.

    This attitude continued into the feud with Bret Hart were leading to the double turn at Wrestlemania 13. I'm sure you've seen them all before so I'll attempt to avoid any repeats.

    The rise of Steve Austin is one of the greatest showings of passion, determination and aggression for me. It shows how if you're willing to change your gimmick the sky is the limit for any wrestler.
  2. Amazing thread, especially since it's based on my favourite superstar of all time. I never knew at all what he was like in ECW, but clearly that was like you say, the real birth of attitude-austin and Vince as just a genius who capitalized on it.
  3. Holy mother of dang, great thread.
    Kudos mate, repped for this.
    Absolutely brilliant.