The Trial Of WUKOfficial

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    Mr. WUK, the charges that are in place against you are the following:

    -You have continually been announcing your suicide.
    -You privately messaged various people calling them bullies and the reason that you will commit suicide.
    -You publicly posted as his father in an attempt to shun everyone.
    -You tried to guilt trip those that were present in the chat room
    -You then stole IWT material for your Be The Booker, solidifying your incompetence
    -You posted at multiple times when you were not supposed to in the IWT Courtroom thread
    -You have not kept your word about only being on Saturday Night Vice and IWT Mania
    -You have broken the rules that you previously agreed to follow in your signature

    At this time, there are two things that the court would like to know. One, what kind of plea will you enter to these charges, and two, will you be defending yourself or will you be appointing an attorney.
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  2. Ok what the f*ck is going on
  3. Kind of stupid to do this again. Actually it is pretty stupid to do this again, but if its what you want, I'm bothered.
  4. I'm sorry, but the user ''@WUKOfficial'' doesn't exist. Trial's over.
  5. Leave @WUKOffical you literal fucking bullies. Because this guy loves to bring some banter and have a good time niggas wan act like JUDGE JUDY LMFAO!??!? get out my damn face stupid ass haha

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