The truth about The Rock

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 15, 2013.

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  2. I can understand them both being egotistical but this doesn't sound like Rock, it goes against everything he apparently was. Maybe Hollywood has gotten to his head but him being pissed about jobbing just seems off, you know?
  3. Yep, thought the same.
  4. Wow.

    I actually understand this. Rocky has the movie career that makes him millions, he's gotta do what he has to do to protect his body for his career. WWE needs him one heck of a lot more than he needs WWE at this point, so Rocky has all the leverage and it's understandable if he doesn't want to deal with all of the backstage BS that comes with wrestling.

    Nice job WWE, great rewrite.
  5. I'm skeptical, but I can believe it though, there were also reports before this that gave Rock the image of someone with an ego. There was talks of possibly having Ryback winning the title at HIAC and then losing it back in the TLC match but Rock was supposedly upset that it wouldn't be him that was ending Punk's long reign first. Ego definitely plays a part in that, when he not only wants to win the title but wants the cred for ending Punk's historical reign. Assuming any of it was true.

    I can't believe they were gonna have Rock win again, though. At least it would have been unpredictable.
  6. THIS PROVE IT CENA ASSHOLE! If the plan were for Rock to win he should have won .I would not be surpuised if Cena bitch to :vince: backstage which is why the storyline was changed! As for Rock vs. Brock at WM230 u can kiss good bye b/c movie film guy are not going to paid him to be in a movie if he get injury at a wrestling event b/c this a changed of of him being injury again and we all know Borck go 110% and is a really fighter! However this could open up a Rock vs. Undertaker at WM30 which to be straight up with u all I would rather see that match then Taker vs. Cena at WM30!
  7. I never would suspect this from the rock. I think maybe there is something going on we don't know.
  8. Personally, I have this feeling that Vince pitched this whole thing to Rock as being his "Wrestlemania moment" Where after all the title matchs he's taken part in he finally gets to win that match. Then Cena says it should "Passing of the Torch match" like what Hogan did with the Rock and Vince some what fearing that Cena might think about jumping to TNA and starting the whole wrestling war thing all over said "Ok Cena your my guy now the Rock is in the past and dosn't matter you will win the title." If that's the case then I can see the rock being pissed, that finally he was going to win he was going to be remembered for a WWE Championship win at wrestlemania instead of being remembered for the guy that lost to Austin and HHH all those years.

    The beef between the two I would see as the Rock believing that he built the WWE to what it was, that it was his leaving that opend up the way for the likes of Cena and the Cena just dosn't see it. More then likely feeling he's not given the respect he is due as he was one of those few bright spots that kept the WWE going when it looked like WcW was going to win the wars and put the business down. I feel that those who are at the top should really remember and look back in how bad of a place the WWE was when the Rock, Austin and HHH pretty much single handed kept the company afloat. (Gives a shout out to the likes of HBK Kane and the undertaker for their parts in that as well.)

    Rock may look back and see this Wrestlemania has his Montreal Screwjob moment, and I could see very much his point of view on that.
  9. Why would they still be advertising on RAW about Rock's Rockpocalypse app and Rock's new film if he had a "walk out"..?
  10. Contract Obligations?
  11. Maybe for the film but the app is made from WWE so I don't see why there would be contract over that. And now they are showing Rock's tweets about him being injured at WM.

  12. With that could very well be Vince realizing that if he just cut the rock out of everything on the show he would be hurting his chances of making more money.
  13. Maybe.

    Just not buying this whole story. This sounds like something that Punk would do, not The Rock.
  14. Just deep down I'm thinking it's the Rocking saying he's sick of Vince using him to put over every other wrestler in the title matchs at wrestlemania. Where as now this time the Rock is More over then Cena ever will be and the fans make that plain and clear every time but still he has to take the fall once more.
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  15. great job wwe:pity:
  16. Well for one, the WWE doesn't literally NEED The Rock, but he is a huge asset.

    For him to storm out and leave back to his hometown just because he didn't retain the title is a bit ridiculous, and I agree, doesn't sound like The Rock we all know, but then again, Rock has changed a lot, and WWE isn't his main priority anymore.

    I hate to say it, because I know I am going to get bashed by you guys for doing so, but if this is really how it all went down, then the blame is on The Rock, NOT the WWE. I agree, it was wrong to change the outcome of the match on that day, but to storm out and leave without saying a word? The Rock barely shows up to the WWE in the first place, this ain't the attitude era, this is 2013, and The Rock doesn't deserve a title for simply being a big asset in the WWE 10 years ago, he should have to be there and earn it like everyone else. No part timer deserves a title, imo, The Rock has made it very clear that WWE, the thing that made him, comes second to his hollywood career, you all look at WWE as doing wrong by The Rock, but I look at it as The Rock doing wrong by the WWE, no one is bigger than the WWE, you need to remember that, and so does Rock, The Rock would not be The Rock without the WWE, he would not be a big hollywood superstar, without the WWE under his belt, and he doesn't give the WWE and the fans that made him, the respect they truly deserve from the man, because he shows that he simply does not care anymore, as long as he can walk the red carpet, then screw WWE, right? He don't need them anymore, which is wrong, because he would be close to nothing without them. Things change all the time, superstars get greased over in the WWE all the time, its nothing new or surprising what WWE did, only what The Rock's reaction was, that was surprising.

    I don't really know how to react to this, other than to say goodbye rocky..for now..

    The other thing is, Rock won Cena at the last WM, Rock is gone, and Cena is still there. Cena wins Rock this WM, Rock is gone, Cena is still there, you don't see the problem with that you guys? Rock shows complete lack of respect for this business anymore, and he only shows up if it benefits him, like a birthday party, or a title run, but when he doesn't get his way, oh no, watch out for rocky, or don't watch out for rocky because he'll flee without a word and screw up a whole entire RAW show because of his ego.

    Gohan talks about Cena being a bitch about not winning the title, so this is why they changed it, okay, maybe so, but who was the one who fled when he didn't win the match? Rock, Cena would have stayed and came the following week no matter what, he has before when he lost the title. Take a good hard look at what Rock has become, hollywood can change people..prob the only thing bigger than the WWE in entertainment, is Hollywood itself, and The Rock wanted to be bigger, better, more famous, and more rich, so he turned his back on the one thing that made him, and went to the red carpet for his own benefits. It's the truth and you all know it.

    However, is this is not true, or words were switched around in this article, then I take a little bit of what I said back. I stand by Rock putting WWE second, and it shows.

    Just my opinion is all.
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  17. This sounds so weird considering that Rock is supposed to be really down to earth. This sounds more like a Punk thing. We know that Punk has a temper, Rock is supposed to be very chill isn't he?
  18. I knew it. Called BS on the injury as soon as the news broke.
  19. The plot thickens?
  20. The thing is only The Rock and a few people at WWE would know the truth and they won't be telling any one soon. No one outside that circle will really know what went on. So it's basically rumours.
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