Kayfabe The Truth


The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
*Buster Gates is in the hospital with a now awake Reginald. Buster is trying to feed him.*
Reginald: Please, stop. You’re hopeless at this.
*Buster is frustrated.*
Buster Gates: Well it’s not like I feed people often, give me a break...
*Reginald sighs.*
Reginald: Thank you anyway...
Buster Gates: So, come on then. What was it like being dead?
Reginald: I wasn’t dead.
Buster Gates: Well, you were technically dead for maybe a minute or so, I was here. I saw.
Reginald: Hmm. I don’t know. I can’t exactly remember.
Buster Gates: That’s a shame... I was curious.
Reginald: What did I miss anyway? You’ve been avoiding telling me anything about what has been going on other than to just rest and that everything is OK.
Buster Gates: You do need rest.
Reginald: I know, but I’ve been asleep for ages. Right now, I just want to know what’s going on. I’m tired of being tired and hurt. I’ll go back to resting after.
Buster Gates: Alright. Well, where do I start... Oh, I beat Joseph Diamond. You know, the guy with the beard who used to be god awful until he came to Precision?
Reginald: Ah yes, wasn’t he undefeated?
Buster Gates: Key word being “was”. I ended that streak of his, although he’s having none of it.
Reginald: I don’t understand?
Buster Gates: He made the GM reverse the decision so that he’s still undefeated.
Reginald: Why?
Buster Gates: Because he was apparently not cleared to compete.
Reginald: So why did he wrestle in the first place?
Buster Gates: Because I’m sure that if he beat me then he would’ve bragged about it. The excuses only come in after a loss, Reg.
Reginald: So, let me get this straight. He wasn’t cleared to compete. You were in a car accident yet fine enough to compete, even with me being in here, you win, and yet he’s still undefeated?
Buster Gates: Yes.
Reginald: Well... That makes perfect sense. Isn’t he Intercontinental Champion too?
Buster Gates: Yeah, he is.
Reginald: So surely you should get a title shot?
Buster Gates: Ah, you’re jumping the gun. I already got a title shot.
Reginald: That’s great! If you’ve already beat him once, doing it again shouldn’t be so bad.
Buster Gates: Oh, no it isn’t against him. It’s for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Reginald: Oh, well even better! How did that come about?
Buster Gates: I won a qualifying match. So now I get a shot, in an Elimination Chamber.
*Reginald’s eyes widen.*
Reginald: I would act more surprised, but honestly it hurts to move right now.
Buster Gates: Yeah, so that’s happening this week.
Reginald: Wow... Well, good luck. Is that everything?
Buster Gates: That depends. When you were sleeping, could you hear what was going on? I was in here a lot with you.
Reginald: I can’t remember anything. It’s just like I was out cold. I remember bits of the crash, then waking up here and that’s about it.
Buster Gates: So you didn’t hear what I was saying?
Reginald: No... What did you say?
*Buster looks away from Reginald.*
Buster Gates: Nothing... It’s ok.
*Reginald looks at Buster before closing his eyes.*
Buster Gates: So what happened with the crash?
Reginald: ... I was waiting for you to ask.
Buster Gates: I didn’t want to jump straight in but it’s been bugging me so much. The police said you were on the phone to my mother. Why?
Reginald: Well... Recently we’ve been talking. We’ve been disagreeing over certain things.
Buster Gates: What do you mean? What certain things? Are you trying to get a pay rise? I can give you that no problem, you don’t need to talk to her just because she hired you for me.
Reginald: No... It’s not that.
Buster Gates: So, what is it?
Reginald: Just about certain information about... Well, you...
Buster Gates: What information?
*Tears fall down Reginald’s face.*
Buster Gates: Reg... What’s going on?
Reginald: I’m not supposed to tell you. I made a deal with your mother.
Buster Gates: Don’t do this to me, Reg. Just say it.
Reginald: You’re a grown man, you deserve to know the truth.
Buster Gates: Then what? What is it?
*Reginald wipes the tears from his face.*
Reginald: A few years before you were born, your mother and I, we dated.
Buster Gates: That’s shocking and all, but... I don’t understand what this has to do with me?
Reginald: Let me finish... You see, I’m not a suitable suitor for your mother. I never was. Back before you were born we were both younger, more foolish. Even though she was insanely rich because of your grandfather, she took a shine to me, the new boy. I was hired just to do general housework. Your mother always preferred me though and so we secretly dated. She never told a sole, and neither did I. I couldn’t. I would have lost my job, my way of living. It was too valuable to me to let this secret slip. As for your mother, she couldn’t bare the shame of being with someone who wasn’t also insanely rich.
Buster Gates: That sounds about right.
Reginald: It got too much for me. The running around, being secretive. I couldn’t handle it so I ended things. That’s when your mother started to get... Nasty. The things I had to do around the house became worse. She started making my job hell. I was no longer just a butler, I was her personal slave. She hated me because I ended things.
Buster Gates: I still don’t really understand...
Reginald: She began dating other people. Nearly every weekend there was a new person around the house. All equally rich and more suitable. There was one guy though who she took a real shining to and started seeing more regularly... Richard Gates.
Buster Gates: My dad...
Reginald: I know it’s a hard subject to talk about, especially since he left your mother before you were even born, but I need to finish the story.
*Reginald sighs.*
Reginald: As you’ve been told, Richard and your mother got married, and they were happy it seemed. He hardly even knew her, proposing after just six months together. They rushed the wedding and were married within a year of knowing each other. I hated that man. There wasn’t a single likeable thing about him. He was disgusting to the core. One night your mother threw a party. There wasn’t a reason for it but your mother had an argument with Richard and he stormed out. Your mother, drunk and upset found me and came onto me. I don’t know why but I let it happen. I was annoyed at the fact she was with Richard after I left her, even though I was finished with her, I knew she was a nice person underneath all else. She should’ve been with someone different. So we spent the night together. A few weeks later I found out she was pregnant, with you. Obviously, I was shocked, would you not have been? I asked her if there was any chance that the baby was mine but she was adamant that it was Richards. When she told Richard that she was pregnant, that’s when he left. He couldn’t handle having a baby and that was enough for him to leave for good. He never did come back. When you were born, we had a test to make sure that you weren’t mine. Your mother got the results and told me you weren’t mine, but she said that I would be your personal guardian. So that’s what I did. Even since you’ve been born I’ve been at your side, even now, looking after you.
Buster Gates: Reg, you don’t understand how grateful I am that you’ve been there for me.
Reginald: That’s not the end of the story... A few weeks ago...
*Reginald begins to cry again.*
Reginald: ... Your mother got back in touch with me. I thought it would just be the usual phone call I get from her every now and again, asking how you were doing, but it wasn’t. She said she had something to tell me and that she wanted to do it in person... I went to meet her, not really knowing what she was going to say. I was expecting to be fired or something, but what I was told was so much worse.
Buster Gates: What did she say?
Reginald: She said a horrible, horrible thing. An unforgivable thing. And then she made me promise that I wouldn’t tell you.
Buster Gates: I need to know what it is, Reg. Please?
Reginald: I couldn’t keep it a secret. I’ve wanted to tell you since I found out just over a month ago. That’s why the car crash happened. I was on the phone to your mother. I was so hurt, I was telling her that I couldn’t keep it a secret, you had to know.
Buster Gates: Had to know what?!
Reginald: ... She lied to me all those years ago. Buster... You’re my son.
*A stunned silence falls over the room. Reginald is weeping as Buster sits, mouth open in shock. After a while, Buster stands up.*
Reginald: Please, Buster... I didn’t know. I swear to you I didn’t know!
*Buster looks at Reginald, still in shock as tears begin to fill his eyes. He falls back into his chair, grabs Reginald’s hand in his own and puts his head down.*
Buster Gates: All my life, I’ve wanted to meet my dad just to show him how great I am. What he’s missed out on, what he could’ve had... But... You’ve been here all along to see that. You’re that dad I’ve always wished I had. I can’t even put into words how happy I am right now.
Reginald: How happy? You mean, you’re not upset that your father isn’t rich? He’s just a butler?
Buster Gates: I am not like my mother. I don’t care. I just want a dad that cares. A dad like you.
Reginald: That’s such a relief. My mind has been all over the place since finding out. I was so scared over what you would think.
*A doctor enters the room.*
Doctor: I’m sorry but visiting time is now over. Reginald, you must get some rest.
Reginald: I understand.
*Buster stands up.*
Buster Gates: I’ll be back after Wrestle Dynasty. That championship is going to be mine. This one’s for you... Dad.
*Buster smiles and leaves the room. The camera fades to black.*

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