The TV title - TNA's mid card belt or lack there of

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Mar 17, 2013.

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    The TNA TV title (former global, Legends and whatnot) is supposed to be TNA's mid card belt, the stepping stone to the main event and the big leagues. Sadly it seems like both TNA and WWE have forgotten that art as of late, with midcard belts seemingly being lost in the shuffle of the main events. Both companies could work on refocusing the ways that they use their mid card titles but lets focus on the TV title in this thread.

    By simple booking logic the TV title should be a gateway title between the mid card and main event, not bound by a weight limit like a X-division or light heavyweight belt. It's the belt that should be worn by a up and comer so that the company can see how he works as a champion so they can decide if they want to launch him into the main event, a proving ground of sorts. The champ would then drop it to either another up and comer or a gatekeeper to move up into the main event scene. This would mean that the title is prestigious and important, at the moment it is more like Devon's belt buckle. I don't even think that Devon is announced as the TV champ right now which is wrong.

    They need to build the rep of the TV title up again so that when Devon drops it to an up and comer (ideally Magnus) it will mean something and show that Magnus or whoever takes it is set for something big and isn't just a champion on paper.

    How would you go about booking the TV title so that it is a prominent and good part of the impact show and structure?
  2. It should be defended on TV every week, squashes for a while then lead it into a big feud. Ideally it'd be dropped completely though IMO, use the X division strap ffs.
  3. Now that Aces/Eights have the world title in the group, it's the perfect time for Devon to drop the TV title. IMO the best guy to drop it to is Magnus. A lot of people on the site feel he's ready for the main event picture. I am not one of them. A nice, long run with the TV title in some meaningful feuds will do wonders for his career, and the relevance of the title. If he has a successful run that draws, then it's an easy transition for him to get into the main event picture.
  4. Remember that two month span where TNA was all about "The TV title must be defended on Impact every week!"

    Yea, either bring that back or throw it in the trash. I don't dig it as a decorative piece just for Devon's shoulder. What's the point.
  5. I think we all agree that once Devon drops it, it NEEDS to be defended every week again.

    It's that simple. The rest writes itself.
  6. I suppose it's at its current state because they wanted a belt with Aces and Eights. But indeed, when Devon drops it I hope that rule comes back (defended every week) and the champ gets TV time and meaningful feuds.
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  7. True. When Joe won it in last September, he defended it every week. Hopefully that's the case too when Devon drops it.
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