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    Don't know if there is one of these but If you're on Twitter you just post your Twitter username and I'll add it to this list, so forumers will possibly add you if they see it / want to.

  2. Twitter: @SamalanInternet
  3. Thanks Samalan, I've followed you on Twitter, and I've also added you to the list.
  4. Thanks, I followed you back.
  5. Thanks Bro.
  6. i followed you all :finger: noobs
  7. I followed you too.
  8. @BlueLADS23
  9. Added Hannah and Jonathan.
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  10. My titty twat is @DatJerseyKid
    I'm rarely on though
  11. Added ya' bro.
  12. followed hannah jonathan and dat kid :finger:
  13. Well done, Bro.
  14. Changed my username so had to update thread.

    If you want to be added just reply.
  15. Updated with @[Britanica] twitter.
  16. Included @[Big Hoss Rambler] @[nWo Shawn Michaels] @[IT Factor] @[GrammarNazi82] @[BrockLesnarFanForLife]
  17. Now following From. :win:
  18. Updated. :otunga:
  19. Im already on the list

    Feel free to follow me on twitter people

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