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Neither Sasha Banks nor Asuka are afraid to tell you how good they are.

The Boss does it with attitude. The Empress does it... like no one else.

When it became clear these women would be feuding over the Raw title for July 19’s Extreme Rules PPV, we knew we were in for a treat. The June 29 edition of the red show gave us a sample of the violent delights in store for us, opening with a brawl and closing with Banks turning an Asuka Lock into a pinfall victory.

The rivalry continued after the on-screen battles ended, too. And if you follow either of these performers on Twitter, you knew that’s where things might get weird.

Not sure how else to explain this exchange, which starts with some standard trash talk from Sasha...

I beat the @WWE champion @DMcIntyreWWE and the @WWE Raw women’s champion @WWEAsuka . Jaja
I AM THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. #Raw #Bankonit #Sasha3shows #2BeltzBanks

— $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) June 30, 2020
... before Asuka shot back with this...

I've been so great since ancient times. This is the proof

— ASUKA / 明日華 (@WWEAsuka) June 30, 2020
How do you respond to a news clip where the 3D printed vocal cords of a mummy croak out your enemy’s name?

So far Banks hasn’t even tried. Which is probably the right call.

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