The Ultimate Burial DVD

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. I had never even realized WWE put this DVD out, but after hearing Warrior reference it last night, I dug it up to see what he was so butt hurt about.

    And boy, he had justification for being butt hurt. On one hand I am like lol fuck WWE for doing this DVD man, basically 90 minutes of people shitting on the guy and his career, but on the other hand it was hilarious.

    Funny how fickle and hypocritical WWE is. Warrior doesn't want to play ball?? Bury him on DVD! Warrior decides to be civil? Headline our Mania 30 HOF class bro!
  2. It's funny WWE will go out of their way to make a DVD burying a guy for stuff he did in the 90s.
  3. I thought the first half of the DVD was a pretty fair look at his career with only a slight jab thrown at him here and there. It was mainly the second half that was a burial and a hatchet job, and no wonder Warrior flipped out over it big time back then. Plus, the fact that they had to flat out lie on some portions of the DVD (they didn't tell the whole story about what transpired behind the scenes at Summerslam '91, and I'm pretty sure that Warrior actually proved that he didn't fail any kind of drug test back in '92) made them look even more petty for it.
  4. I disagree with you on the first half of the video.

    Dibiase, Heenan, JR, Hogan were all being overly critical like you would never hear on a WWE DVD. Guys like E&C, Jericho, ect were taking jabs at him with a lot of jokes as well.

    Heenan clearly hated him (perhaps for good reason) and guys like Dibiase and JR were talking about how everyone had to carry him, he had no talent, ect.. which again, maybe true, but WWE never talks about guys like that when doing a DVD.

    The only guy that had anything good to say about him was Steve Lombardi lol
  5. I haven't seen it in awhile, so maybe I'm just remembering the second half being worst than the first half.
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  6. Oh it definitely gets worse lol. They are just mud slinging at a certain point, talking about how crazy he is and how he can't differentiate himself from the Warrior character.
  7. That dvd really is trash. I'm happy they are doing a new one for him, because they completely buried his ass. Warrior used to do hour long shoots on wwe (hogan especially during his scandals) Something about him that I just love, dunno why.
  8. That DVD was made in 2005, after all the events had happened (1991 incident, name change), so they felt the need to bury Warrior for whatever reason. Now, nine years later they've finally buried the hatchet, it is a bit sad that they went as far as to make a DVD just to make him look bad though.
  10. I am fairly neutral on him, but I do feel he was portrayed in an unfair light for most of his wrestling career by fans and he isn't really that bad of a dude.

    In wrestling if you aren't in love with wrestling a lot of peers take it personally.
  11. He didn't really fit in with the younger guys. He wasn't into the partying scene, and like he said "was bit of a loner" I just think last night Warrior took the high road, and it was very hard for him to do. I was waiting for him to shit on everyone and the feed to cut out....
  12. I have this DVD in my collection... it was interesting to say the least.

    By the way... @Big Hoss Rambler .. any timeline on when the new Warrior dvd will be on WW? I know it's Wrestlemania weekend.. not rushing you to get it, just asking. =)
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    I too never knew they put this DVD out on Ultimate Warrior. I have no idea they would do something like that. They totally bashed him and very on call for. Saying stuff like he was a loose cannon so to speak. he was just into his character and high octane (power wrestler) he was the 1st one in the generation to do something like that. It's a little to late to make another one but i will watch it once it is done. Just disappointed @WWE and the wrestlers that bashed him. As for his interviews i made sense of them all back then and now it was part of his character about being from parts of unknown. I had to vent.
  14. I think you should buy it. It's worth it man to have a physical copy of this legend.
  15. I actually want to watch the documentary portion first to see if it was done right this time... if it was then I will purchase it.
  16. I was just looking at it on wweshop. The documentary portion is called "the right story" I love that.
  17. Jesus christ, I have heard of this DVD, but then I watched some portions of it, and it was even worst than I imagined, WWE seemed like a immature little girl making stories about her former best friend, or any other clichéd crap like that
  18. 1st shocked to hear that you haven't seen this documentary until now. Watched it years ago, just saying. This should be the right of passage every WWE fan watches to truly be a wrestling fan. But I digress...

    The DVD shows how WWE is a pitiful and spiteful company. Warrior made WWE money, he was very over with the fans especially when he faced Hogan at Mania. The Documentary could be more valuable now that WWE has decided to turn the other cheek
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